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Research Seminars

Travelling with Goddess: Thealogy and the Posthuman - Dr Ruth Mantin, University of Chichester

Wednesday 31 January, 6.30pm

H149 Bishop Otter campus

This paper explores the ways in which  the term ‘thealogy’ has emerged to express reflection upon the Divine as female – thea – logy – as opposed to theology – theos – logy – ‘God talk’.

It claims that ‘Goddess-Talk’ - has a vital role to play in refiguring notions of sacrality which can incorporate notions such as immanence, plurality, connectedness, transience and ambiguity. Furthermore, it argues that, in this allegedly ‘posthuman’ world, thealogy can be in conversation with the work of philosophers such as Rosi Braidotti in order to offer a language for post-anthropocentric thought and an impetus to disrupt systemic patterns of oppression. 

Dates for your diary: 

  • Wednesday 21 February - Dr Danielle Sands
  • Wednesday 7 March – Dr Fatima Tofighi
  • Wednesday 25 April – Dr Joshua Forstenzer

Unless otherwise noted, all seminars are 6:30-8:00 pm in H149.

Past Research Seminars

6 December - Dan Taylor - Whither the multitude? Collective political subjectivity in and beyond Spinoza

8 November - Theology and the Poor: the Copernican revolution that never happened

11 October - Dr Russell Re Manning, Bath Spa University, 'Is Theology Natural?'

13 September - Rabbi Elli Tikvah Sarah, Brighton and Hove Progressive Synagogue and Revd Dr Stephen Roberts, University of Chichester, "Deep Calls to Deep: Jews and Christians in Dialogue"

14 September – Dr Ulrich Schmiedel (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität), '“The Dead Are Coming”: Performing Political Theology In-Between Refugees and Religion’

19 September – Chichester Theological Society Lecture at Chichester Cathedral – Prof Martyn Percy, ‘ Salt and Light: Christianity and Contemporary Culture'

12 October – Dr Naomi Billingsley (Bishop Otter Scholar for Theology and the Arts in the Diocese of Chichester), '"I improve very much... a blessing I can never be too thankful for both to God & Man": Felpham and William Blake's biblical watercolours'

2 November – Prof Graham Harvey (Open University), ‘Religion in the larger-than-human world: how indigenous religions contribute to understanding all religions'