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deSTEM: de Selby’s Theory of the Exchange of Molecules

Otter Gallery, University of Chichester, 30 April – 10 June 2016

deSTEM is this year’s selected undergraduate exhibition, showing recent works by Level 4 and Level 5 Fine Art students - first and second years - curated by Senior Lecturer Christopher McHugh. It highlights some of the unlikely experiments conducted in the pursuit of Fine Art study here at the University of Chichester ….and also some of the unexpected conclusions proposed.


The Fine Art BA takes students on a challenging journey, inviting them to question what they think they know about art, the world and themselves. This entails a radical rethink, involving deconstruction of prior suppositions and expectations and discovery of the real potentials of materials ‘in the hand’. Gradually this questioning of means and meaning offers students the insight to make individual choices of medium and theme as they work towards performing as independent artists in the degree show at the end of the programme (this year’s Degree Show is on view from 13th May to 22nd May in the Fine Art department – Preview from 6pm on Thursday 12th May).  


As de Selby himself have declared; 

‘When you bang this against that often enough, something is bound to rub off.’  

Come and see the miraculous exchange of molecules for yourself. Christopher McHugh, curator of the exhibition, invites you to come and explore this years’ exhibition of Fine Art students in progress:   

“Don’t miss this chance to catch a showcase of creative identities that are still cooking – you’re bound to be surprised, challenged …. and hopefully delighted too!” 


Notes to Editors 

Christopher McHugh, Senior Lecturer, Fine Art is available for interview – please email or tel: 01243 816000 for interview

The Otter Gallery in the Learning Resource Centre building at University of Chichester, Bishop Otter Campus, College Lane, Chichester PO19 6PE
Tel: 01243 816098