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Degree Apprenticeships


What are degree apprenticeships?

How would you like the opportunity to develop the talent you need to fulfill your business ambitions? You spend time ensuring that you recruit the right person for your team and our new Degree Apprenticeship will give you the added ability to shape their training to meet your individual business needs. 

Degree apprenticeships are a new initiative launched by the government which enable students to combine work and study. The apprentice works for four days a week and studies for a degree on one day a week. The aim is to ensure that apprentices are equipped with the experience that employers need, now and in the future, by providing them with a balance of academic learning and on-the-job practical training.

There's a lot of information about degree apprenticeships out there. Our facts will help you get straight to the point.

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Apprentices bring enthusiasm and a fresh perspective, so it’s no surprise that 89% of employers say they make their business more productive.

The benefits to your business

  • Develop the talent you need for your business 
  • Increase productivity
  • Fill higher level skills gap
  • Develop existing staff
  • Attract high-calibre staff
  • Train the way your business works
  • Clear progression routes
  • Improve staff retention



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