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Cameron Measurements Case Study






The Client: Cameron Measurement Systems is a leading provider of flow-measuring equipment products, systems and services to worldwide oil, gas and process industries.

The Challenge: Cameron found itself needing to improve its employees’ leadership and project management skills in order to improve business performance. To this end, it had been in several discussions with private training providers, none of whom was able to provide the tailored service Cameron was looking for. Then the company met with the University of Chichester to discuss the possibility of a bespoke training programme.

When engineering firm Cameron Measurement Systems needed a foundation degree programme tailored individually to improve the management skills of its staff, the University of Chichester provided all the flexibility it was looking for.

The Project: In talks with the University’s School of Enterprise and Leadership, Cameron was able to identify its foundation degree in management as the option that most closely met its requirements ­– in particular the programme’s work-based assignments, which Cameron realised would benefit the managers’ learning from the outset.

Cameron selected five modules from the degree course that held particular relevance to their needs, and created a programme that was completely appropriate to their trainees ­– incorporating introduction to management, project management, strategic management, personal development planning and personal leadership. The programme was set up and delivered at the University’s Bognor Regis campus over a period of twelve months.

The Results: Cameron enrolled an initial four members of staff to undertake the newly developed course – and its suitability and success were noticeable almost straight away. The “holistic”, overarching approach offered by the University was clearly more advantageous than many of the narrower offerings of private training providers. The lectures were easy to follow, delivered flexibly at a pace that was not daunting, and students benefited from a high level of interaction with their peers. Moreover, employees were very comfortable with the style of study ­– especially as some had not been in a learning environment for several years.

These four staff members have now completed the course and are already turning their new knowledge to practical benefit. As well as contributing to the business with enhanced leadership skills, they are demonstrating an increased awareness of new topics, which has unexpectedly improved team-thinking among their workmates.

The senior team at Cameron have been so impressed with the results that they are encouraging the four to undertake three more modules so that they can gain a Certificate of Higher Education in Management, which will further improve their leadership performance and add to their qualifications.

Cameron Measurement Systems Employee Case Study

The Client: Cameron Measurement Systems is a leading provider of flow-measuring equipment products, systems and services to worldwide oil, gas and process industries.

The Challenge: Cameron worked with the University of Chichester to tailor a foundation degree programme for its staff to improve skills amongst its management team. Brian Gedny, a Cameron employee, had been out of full-time education for some years and was unsure about engaging in Higher Education. Already in a management position, he was keen to improve on his skills but was undecided about which course to take.

The Project: Like many professionals in management, Brian Gedny was determined to improve his job performance – particularly his management, leadership and project-management skills. It had been some time since he had engaged in study, but his ambition overcame his reticence and he signed himself up, along with a group of colleagues, for the Foundation Degree in Management at the University of Chichester – a course that appeared to be directly relevant to his career goals.

The Results: Any fears Brian may have had were quickly dispelled once he started the course, and he found it to be a rewarding and positive experience – completely different to his university days as an undergraduate.

The study modules were easy to follow and not at all as daunting as he’d expected. Furthermore, the lectures were delivered in small, interactive groups, which he found to be ideal for his needs – and he welcomed the regular interaction with both his peers and his lecturers, helping him to settle quickly into the programme.

Brian also found the study was delivered more flexibly than he’d expected – thanks to the fact that the learning was given not only at the University, but in the workplace and at home as well. This variety of study particularly suited him, as it offered a range of learning experiences that combined to give a greater impact.

“In the beginning I was unsure about the prospects of Higher Education while working, but now I’m a complete convert! I’ve been so impressed with the course that I signed up for three additional modules. I’d highly recommend higher education to anyone who wants to develop their career – this course has been a great stepping stone for someone who hadn’t undertaken any academic education for some years.” Brian Gedny, Cameron Measurement Systems