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What is GraduateOn?

The GraduateOn internship scheme offers local employers the opportunity to recruit recent graduates to undertake challenging roles and projects. Your organisation can gain from individuals who can quickly grasp new skills and concepts; benefit from the latest academic knowledge; problem solve with a fresh perspective; test out new roles; trial new employees; and help resource short-term cover.

We aim to equip our students with the specialist, professional and personal skills required for employment and have a wealth of talent who want to apply those skills in the workplace in private business, public sector organisations and charities in West Sussex and neighbouring areas.

The University covers a wide range of degree programs and our students graduate in fields applicable to many sectors including Business, Marketing and Advertising, IT, Finance, The Arts, Sport Industries and Media, Film and TV. 

We have worked exclusively with GraduateOn for the past year and taken on four full time staff members through them. The team are extremely helpful and resourceful and the staff they have sourced for us have always been of the highest quality
Daniel Macaulay, Director at Brandwave Marketing
How we can help you get started

We can provide help to:

  • Draft the job description to advertise your vacancy.
  • We will advertise the post for free from the GraduateOn and Careers department web pages.
  • We will collect applications and forward to you to allow you to select who to interview.

There is no obligation to employ the student/graduate beyond the internship period.

Internship opportunities need to fill the following criteria

  • ​Pay minimum wage or above. When setting the salary we ask you to consider pay expectations in your sector, for that role, and the location of your business.
  • Full time or part time 
  • Between 4 weeks (20 days) and 12 months duration
  • Include tasks and responsibilities normally associated with a graduate level role
  • Start from 1st June 2017

The internship should be beneficial to both the student and your company. 


If you think that your company could benefit from having a student intern and your role fits the above criteria, download our guidance for employers and vacancy form below.