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Hot Desking

Hot desking, hot desks or rent-a-desk, call it what you like, this incredible service this is where you can get away from working at home and find the tranquility of a superbly appointed shared space where you can rent a desk and access superfast broadband from only £15 a day.

We have on site cafe's and parking as well. 

Why use this service:

  • Because the washing machine is on the spin cycle again and you really need somewhere quieter to make some phone calls
  • You have an important document that you really need to get completed and need space to focus on the task
  • You just need to get out of the home office now and then and meet some other people




Find out more about what our services can do for your business by calling 01243 812041.

Working from the Business Incubation Centre has provided the opportunity to make my business “feel” official with bespoke office space and environment. It has helped me to focus on tasks much more than working from a desk at home.
Graham Murray,