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Virtual Offices

A virtual office means just that. Some people like to have a separate business address from their home address and we can offer a virtual office service here, in Bognor Regis.

We can be your registered address if you are setting up a limited company or you can subscribe to our virtual office and use our prestigious address on all your business literature. We can receive your mail, take out the obvious junk mail if you so wish and then send your mail on to you.

The virtual office can also be part of the Dome Enterprise Center Membership package, giving you full access to our rent-a-desk services and both campuses for an all inclusive package. 

Why use this service:

  • Our virtual office service will save you time with sorting out your mail.
  • It will create a great impression to your customers.
  • It can give you security and peace of mind not using your home address.





Find out more about what our services can do for your business by emailing the Dome Enterprise Centre, or calling 01243 812041