Postgraduate Open Evening

artOne Studios

Fine Art is located in a purpose-designed art building called ‘artOne’. 

The building provides a massive open plan studio divided up into personal spaces for each single honours and major student, specialist workshop areas in:

  • Textiles – embroidery, weaving, dying, printing
  • Sculpture – welding and metal casting, ceramic, plaster & carving
  • Printmaking – etching, screen print, relief print
  • Woodwork – for making painting stretchers, frames, sculpture etc
  • A life drawing space
  • An art materials shop
  • artOne Research Space that students can book to test out installations etc
  • A dark installation space ideal for video and projection
  • An outdoor working area

The Learning Environment

Personal studio spaces: All BA students doing ‘studio practice’ modules (i.e. Single Honours and Major) and Full Time MA students are allocated a personal studio base where each student will carry out their self directed projects and art work.

Technical Workshop areas: All students also have access to workshop areas and technical support in the following key disciplines: Welding, casting, working in wood, carving, ceramic and plaster, woven and printed textiles, feltmaking, embroidery, drawing, painting, printmaking, digital photography and new media, video and sound. Students have access to instruction and demonstrations in these key disciplines throughout their study in a culture of safe working and professional practice.