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MA Fine Art Exhibition

This year’s MA show is a rich mix of painting, print, textiles, sculpture and installation.  Each artist has taken a formative journey that has seen them engage with materials and process, scale and surface in order to explore the world in visual form.

The link across the cohort, aside from the ongoing discursive interaction, lies in the need to wrestle with what attracts, engages, intrigues and concerns us in the world and embody a viewpoint on experience….. Nathanial Stern emphasises the multi-layered role of vision in our understanding of experience:

‘Seeing always works in this way, folding in the past, present and possible futures of our actions, and additional modes of perception… Through our past experiences and other senses we know there is more than what we are seeing directly’.

Each artist in the exhibition has considered how their work communicates; how visual art provides alternative ways to consider ideas that encapsulate reflections on the environment and the society we inhabit.  In a time of turbulent global flux their work confirms the importance of creativity as a means of finding and affirming viewpoints on issues of identity, consumption and experience. Individual bodies of work are distinctive in the way they combine imagination and skill. For each artist critical analysis has become an essential learning tool, as the transference of ideas into tangible forms has become increasingly particular and subtle.

And the show itself, in offering these outcomes for viewers to examine, provides a springboard for future development and endeavours.

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