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D Day 75th Anniversary

The 75th anniversary of Operation Overlord and the D Day landings falls on 6 June 1944. Chichester played an important role in D-Day. Troops, aircraft and supplies all moved through to be part of the largest amphibious assault in history.

As 6 June 1944 dawned, those living in the area would have realised that history was being made right on their doorsteps – with memories not just for those directly involved in the enormous military operation, but also ordinary men, women and children who bore witness to the mobilisation.

The University itself played an important role too, and Bishop Otter College was occupied by the RAF from August 1942. Providing the Sector Operations Room for RAF Tangmere, the college was heavily involved in the preparations for the invasion of Normandy, and during D Day itself controlled fifty-six squadrons.

In recognition of this role, the University is helping to organise and host a series of local events to mark D-Day in and around Chichester, including a programme of scheduled public talks and a project to help record local memories of the preparations for D Day. We are proud to be working with the West Sussex Record Office, the Novium Museum, Tangmere Military Aviation Museum, and the Save Tangmere Tower campaign in helping mark this important commemoration.


21 March               
Eisenhower Dinner
The Harbour Hotel
Organised by the Save Tangmere Tower Campaign

21 May
D-Day Aviation in West Sussex
Ken Rimell
Novium Museum

28 May
D-Day 75: West Sussex
Alan Readman
West Sussex Record Office

3 June
School Workshop
University of Chichester & West Sussex Record Office working with students from Bishop Luffa

4 June
Chichester D-Day: 75th Anniversary
University of Chichester, Room E124, 5.30pm
Featuring talks from:

  • Julie & Nigel Peachey, Reliving D-Day in the Tangmere Ops Room
  • Dudley Hooley (TMAM), 'Operation Deadstick: the opening attack of D-Day in Caen’
  • Ben Blackwood (Chichester), 'How RAF Tangmere Prepared for D-Day'
  • Professor Clive Webb (Sussex), 'Occupied Sussex: The American Presence during the Second World War'.
  • Dr Andrew WM Smith (Chichester), ‘Ten years on: The 1954 D-Day Commemoration in Normandy’
  • Dr Alwyn Turner (Chichester), ‘Jugglers at the Cenotaph:  the 50th anniversaries of D-Day/VE Day

9 June
Screening of The Longest Day (1962)
New Park Cinema