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Passing the QTS skills tests

In order to start a teacher training course, you need to pass Professional Skills Tests in numeracy and literacy.

We encourage all applicants for our teacher training courses to take these tests before the date of their interview. However, we understand that this is not always possible and if you haven’t passed the tests when you are interviewed, we will make passing them a condition of your offer.

The tests are computerised and you need to take them an authorised test centre. More information about the tests can be found on the Department for Education website and there is some helpful advice on the 'Get Into Teaching' site

Information on how to book your test is here.

Special Arrangements

If you have previously had extra time for examinations or some other special arrangements, you will probably be entitled to these for the QTS tests too.

Preparing for the tests

The most important thing that you can do to prepare for the QTS tests is to take the online practice tests. You should try all of the practice tests several times until you can pass them comfortably.

Online Practice Tests

Online Practice Numeracy Tests

Online Practice Literacy Tests

You may also find the following information useful:

Mental Arithmetic Tips and Tricks (Middlesex University)

Jim Johnson and Bruce Bond Passing the Literacy Skills Test

Mark Patmore Passing the Numeracy Skills

Bruce Bond et al. - Getting into Teaching Training: Passing your Skills Tests and succeeding in your application

Extra help

Several commercial providers offer QTS test preparation. Please note that we include these links to help students, however, the university does not test these materials and therefore does not guarantee their usefulness. We would be very grateful for feedback from our students about the effectiveness of these materials -