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Degrees with QTS

Teaching is one of the most satisfying, interesting and valued professions as well as being challenging and highly demanding.

Teachers are responsible for ensuring that children enjoy learning and gain the kind of education that will equip them to live and work in contemporary times. Enjoying a strong national and international reputation, we have a long and distinguished record in training teachers dating back to 1839.

"Completing this course has been an amazing achievement in which I have had so many rich and exciting opportunities; working with staff who are experts in primary education and who pass on a real passion for learning and teaching; taking part in options modules which have been exciting and further developed my professional attributes; meeting new people who share an interest and desire to teach and most importantly having some incredible teaching placements working with children and young people.

I also cannot praise enough the teaching and learning that I have been part of for my subject specialism which is Citizenship. It has developed me personally in many ways and changed my outlook on certain aspects of life.  I am a much more critically engaged citizen who can share my knowledge with the children I will be lucky enough to teach.

I feel every part of this course has been invaluable in helping me reach my current position where I now feel confident, excited and ready to take on my own class as a class teacher and implement my own ideas and philosophy for education."

If you are considering a teaching career after your undergraduate studies, we offer various PGCE Primary and Secondary courses.