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Alumna lands job in Treasury after finding inspiration from University

UNIVERSITY Alumna climbs the ranks, and lands a job in the Treasury, after finding inspiration from her degree at Chichester.

Emma Walker has spoken recently about her success in the field after discovering the joy of statistics at the University of Chichester.

The alumna’s ambition has meant she’s landed a higher-level analyst role in the Treasury. Her work now involves producing visual data which is used in the budget and annual tax statement.

Emma found that “the smaller scale lecture groups” gave her the opportunity to get to know the lecturers on a personal level which enriched the experience.

Her interest was peaked whilst being taught statistics. Whilst the mathematical process usually concerns students, Emma found it enjoyable due to methodological approach in running tests. Therefore, when looking for job opportunities the GSS Graduate Scheme caught her attention.

Emma expressed “I was instantly interested in the description of working for the government on various statistical releases and analytical projects, that could result in driving government decisions and reporting on the governments performance”. She encourages anyone interested in the statistical element of psychology to apply for roles such as the one she started off in with the GSS. 

From touring the University’s hallways to touring the Houses of Parliament, Emma’s job has led her to many exciting opportunities. Emma said “I meet regularly with other departments as part of the GSS presentation champion network to discuss the latest innovations for data visualisations”.

During Emma’s time in the Treasury, she’s worked to improve the Public Spending Statistics release “by adding infographics and maps to work as a visual aid”. She explained “the most exciting part of working on these publications is when you catch a news article or a story online that quotes some of the figures you’ve worked on”.

Reminiscing on her decision to study psychology, she commented of diversity of job opportunities. Emma said “I think that’s what is so great about psychology: there are so many different avenues you can take based on the subject areas and skills you learn”.

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