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Another successful year for the SU RAG Race

The University of Chichester Students’ Union is celebrating another successful year of their annual charity RAG Race.

The RAG (Raising and Giving) Race was started by the Students’ Union in the early nineties in order to fundraise for the RAG Charity of the Year.

On the day, students go around Bognor visiting pubs and food outlets in fancy dress, which some students spend months making themselves, on a route set by the Union, leaves collection tins in the designated venues for voluntary contributions from patrons. Venues also provide an upfront charitable donation in exchange for being included on the official route.

Students also contribute by purchasing wristbands and lanyards with event maps, the proceeds from which also go to the selected RAG charity. This year’s charity was the Sussex Snowdrop Trust, a charity providing care at home for local children with terminal or life-threatening illnesses.

The event has seen an enormous increase in popularity over the years; an estimated 500 students took part in the event in 2007 compared with 2,500-3,000 in more recent years. Due to the increase in popularity and improvement of the fundraising model, the amount raised has also improved over the years, with £4,900 raised in 2010, £7,350 in 2011, and £11,800 in 2012.

Tracy Coombs, Manager at The Waterloo Inn, said: “I find RAG Race is a fantastic opportunity to bring some fun and money in to Bognor as a community. I think it’s a fantastic day for everyone to join in.”

RAG Officer Abbiegale Ennis said, “Speaking to both students and local businesses, I was able to hear first-hand from those taking part how they enjoyed being part of such an enthusiastic day and how those in the local community, some of whom have taken part since the beginning, believe it forms a sense of community between students and local people.

“I am also proud of how the festivities provide a chance for locals and students to join together and raise money for such amazing causes. I want to thank all those people for helping make the day possible.”