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The body beautiful - soul, spirit, and mind in the writings of Paul

Theology seminar

THE phrase the body beautiful brings to mind the glossy pages of endless magazines which all seek to encourage society towards a more beautiful body.

Many people assume that Christianity in general and St Paul in particular has nothing to say in such a context.

In fact many would assume that Paul was positively against anything to do with the body - the reality is somewhat different.

Paul does have a vision of the body beautiful, one that could change our perception of bodies radically

A lecture from the Chichester Theological Society Lecture tomorrow (Tuesday 10 March) will explore the origins of this theology and ask what difference it might make to how people live their lives.

The seminar, which is free to attend for members of the public as well as Univeristy students and staff, will be held in Chichester Cathedral from 6:30pm, and will be led by Dr Paula Gooder.

To find out more contact event organiser Heather Ballamy at h.ballamy@chi.ac.uk.