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Boost your business with a Degree Apprenticeship

How would you like the opportunity to develop your workforce to meet the individual needs of your business? After spending time recruiting the right person for your team, wouldn’t it be great to be able to shape their training to maximise the benefit for them and for your business? This is now a reality with the Government’s new Degree Apprenticeships initiative that enables students to combine work and study.

The University is offering the Digital and Technology Solutions Degree Apprenticeship from September 2016 and the Chartered Managers Degree Apprenticeship from February 2017.  Businesses are already signing up for their employees to benefit from these courses with the potential for more to be added over time. 

What is a degree apprenticeship?

The apprentice works for four days a week and studies for a degree the remaining one day a week during term time. The aim is that they will graduate with the experience that employers need, now and in the future, having had a balance of academic learning and on-the-job practical training. 

What's the benefit to businesses? 

Degree apprenticeships enable businesses to nurture talent to the unique needs of their business, train them the way their business works and provide clear progression routes. Offering this will also be a great way of attracting and retaining hihg-calibre staff, developing existing employees, filling any higher-level skills gaps, and increasing productivity.    Apprentices bring enthusiasm and a fresh perspective, so it’s no surprise that 89% of employers say they make their business more productive. 

The University is experienced in collaborating with businesses to deliver a combination of degree and practical work-based training. Our Day Release Degree BA (Hons) Business Studies has been successfully running for four years with positive results. Nick Munday, Managing Director at Classic Collection Holidays Ltd., has been working with the University throughout and is excited about the degree apprenticeship route.

It's about finding the managers of tomorrow,” Nick commented. “There have been travel industry courses available for a while but we wanted to offer something at a higher level. […] A degree apprenticeship will allow our staff to do the same degree as a university student but in a different way that avoids student debt and provides great experience of work.”

We’ve already experienced day release degrees with the University of Chichester and our employee Anna-Marie has just passed with a 2:1 which we are delighted about. So we spoke to the University about the degree apprenticeship programme and we are thrilled by the idea.”

“Recruiting in this way means we look for youngsters with raw talent who want to work and learn and can then mould them to the needs of our business. Degree apprenticeships provide another way of getting quality staff who we can offer a fair wage and the prospect of a permanent full time job when they graduate. By investing in the success of the young, we are investing in the success of our company." 

How do they work?

Businesses employ the apprentice, who can be a new or existing employee, and both sign up to the apprenticeship programme. The University is currently offering two degree apprenticeships: the BSc (Hons) Digital and Technology Solutions (Software Engineer) and the BA (Hons) Chartered Manager. Both programmes are delivered over four years. The apprentice attends university one day a week over three 10-week terms a year whilst gaining professional skills on the job. The university handles administration relating to training and the employer handles human resources administration.  

The apprentice has a salaried position and tuition fees are joint-funded by the Skills Funding Agency (2/3) and the employer (1/3) - the student does not pay any fees. There are financial incentives available for employers hiring degree apprentices based on successful completion, the age of the degree apprentice, and company size. 

An Apprenticeship Levy is set to be introduced from April 2017 for larger companies. Contributing businesses will be able to reclaim that money + 10% to contribute towards the cost of apprenticeship training, making degree apprenticeships even more beneficial to those businesses. Find out more about how the money works

Degree Apprenticeships at the University 

Developed in collaboration with the Tech Partnership and IT employers, the BSc (Hons) Digital and Technology Solutions develops practical IT skills, project management, interpersonal, and business skills. The BA (Hons) Chartered Manager is being developed in partnership with the Chartered Management Institute and provides a firm grounding in the principles of management, builds a broad set of management and decision making skills, and develops self-aware and reflective managers. 

Want to know more? 

The University will be holding a Degree Apprenticeship Information Event in September. Email to register your interest in attending, or to ask questions you have now. 

Get an insight into life as in an apprentice at the Get In Go Far website

Find out about our BSc (Hons) Digital and Technology Solutions and BA (Hons) Chartered Manager.