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Chichester lecturer talks dangers of social media at national conference

Dangers of social media

EARLIER this year, the University of Newcastle hosted an Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) seminar series entitled The Regulation of Work and Employment: Towards a Multi-Disciplinary, Multilevel Framework.

This seminar considered the knotty issue of regulation and the individual experience of work.

Hazel Beadle, a Senior Lecturer in Leadership and Management from Chichester’s Institute of Education, presented a paper which focused on self-regulation in the use of social media.

The paper provided an overview of the legislation and practice surrounding the remote monitoring of worker activity in the light of an increasingly blurred distinction between professional and private lives.

The research informed the paper identified with regard to specific use of just one social media platform, Twitter, a desire to avoid being controversial and a desire to appear professional are features of the individual's self-regulation efforts.

However, there is significant variation in the extent to which users of Twitter are aware of how their actions influence the impression being created.

In relation to recruitment alone, seminar participants acknowledged the effort job candidates put into culturing the right impression at interview while failing to realise those efforts are actively undermined by some of the candidate's less cautious online postings.

Also highlighted was the potential to manipulate the online persona, identifying there to be a potential issue for those doing the recruiting as well as those desirous of securing that next career opportunity.

This contemporary research is currently being featured in the Institute's Masters in Education provision and, as can be seen above, the content of the paper was the subject of tweets while it was being presented.

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