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Chichester student Chloe becomes fourth generation of teachers in her family

  • Newly-qualified teacher Chloe Clarke-Walker follows in mother, grandmother, and great-grandparent's footsteps
  • 21-year-old said she was inspired by grandmother Joan, who has taught for 35 years
  • University of Chichester alumna celebrated receiving her degree at graduation this week


A STUDENT from the University of Chichester has become the fourth generation in her family to enter teaching after graduating this week.

Chloe Clarke-Walker follows in the footsteps of her mother, grandmother, and great-parents into the classroom – to continue more than 50 years of schooling. The newly-qualified teacher, who has already landed her first job in education, said she was inspired by her grandmother Joan.

The University of Chichester alumna, who studied for a BA (Hons) in Primary Education, added: “It feels really special to continue the family profession.

“The last 18 months haven’t been easy – but my grandma has always helped me out, given me feedback, and has been really supported across lockdown. I’ve now got a job as a year-three teacher in a Surrey school, which is incredibly exciting, where I’ll be teaching as many as 32 children.”

Chloe’s grandmother Joan Stephens is a former secondary school maths teacher who has also worked for the University of Chichester since 1987.

Joining her granddaughter for the graduation ceremony, she said: “I’m really proud of Chloe – particularly as she and her fellow graduates have had such tough time this last year.

"Chloe makes the fourth generation of teachers in the family.  My mother and her twin brother were both teachers, their other brother was a professor, and my father was a university lecturer."

University of Chichester graduation 2021

In keeping with family tradition, Joan revealed all of her children are teachers, while her husband Keith also taught maths in Brighton. Her grandson Oliver, present at Chloe’s graduation ceremony, follower his sister to the University of Chichester where he is studying Audio Production and Music Technologies.

Joan added: “The University has been great to us – much has changed in my 35 years here, but it’s always been so friendly and personal and that’s why I’m delighted that both of my grandchildren have and are learning here.”

Hundreds of University of Chichester graduates from 2020 joined this year’s completing students in collecting their degree, after the cancellation of last year’s ceremonies.