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Chichester students practise ancient art of stick fighting

Chichester students attempt Lanzarotian stick fighting

ADVENTURE Education students are always ready for something new, but stick fighting was more than a physical challenge for them.

Juego de Palo is a form of fencing with spontaneous interplay of attacking techniques and defence skills.

But it is also an ancient Canary Islands sport dating back to the pre-Hispanic era and practised by farmers ever since.

Chichester students were in Lanzarote to explore the stark volcanic landscape - how it has evolved and how it continues to affect people right up to the present day.

Our students become expert on asking - then answering – new and challenging academic questions. Work with local partners is especially valuable.

As well as stick-fighting farmers, students work with teachers and environmental educators, decision makers and journalists, surfers and climbers - even a poet whose day job is as a city barber.

One student described their two weeks on the island as “the best chemistry lesson ever”, while another called it “life-changing”.

Lanzarote is fast becoming University of Chichester’s winter campus in the sun. Over the years, around 600 Chichester undergraduates have studied there.

Next year Adventure Education students and trainee primary teachers could be joined on the island by students from Creative Writing and from Tourism Management degrees.

Chichester students attempt Lanzarotian stick fighting