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Chichester's pioneering breakthroughs are changing everyday lives #MadeAtUni


UK universities have been at the forefront of the most significant discoveries and pioneering changes of the last century - and the University of Chichester is centre stage of these developments.

We’re celebrating the many ways in which Chichester has made a real difference to everyday lives with our best and brightest ideas of the last year. To mark our 180-year anniversary, across 2019, we’ve joined the Universities UK #MadeAtUni campaign to bring to life the personal stories, technological innovations, and scientific breakthroughs that have benefitted our community.

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Original thought #MadeAtUni

Dr Marcus Smith drumming project

Drumming helps autistic schoolchildren: Drumming for just 60 minutes a week can improve autistic children’s ability to learn in school, according to University scientists. Students who took part in two, 30-minute lessons were more likely to follow their teachers’ instructions and also displayed improved social interactions between peers and staff. Find out more.


Dr Antonina Pereira prospective memory study

Acting the key to remembering tasks: The science of why our memory sometimes fails us – whether that’s overlooking the very item you went shopping for or forgetting to pack an umbrella on a cloudy day – has been revealed by the University. Psychologists investigating prospective memory, the area of the brain responsible for telling us to take action in the future, have developed new methods to utilise memory as a means to accurately diagnosing diseases of cognitive impairment, including Alzheimer’s. Find out more.


A warm welcome #MadeAtUni

Tech Park receives Royal approval: The University’s new Tech Park has been opened – with a Royal seal of approval. Their Royal Highnesses The Duke and Duchess of Sussex unveiled our landmark development which brings together degree courses in Engineering as well as Creative and Digital Technologies to create a new area of academia in STEAM – Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics.


Flying the flag for our Armed Forces reserves

Flying the flag for our Armed Forces reservists: The University’s Armed Forces reservists have spoken about what it takes to balance their careers with military duty. Serving men and women from across the Army and Navy are a significant part of Chichester’s core of academic and professional service staff as well as our student cohort. Find out more.


Community-minded students #MadeAtUni

Students urge lonley older residents to reconnect with Facebook

Students urge lonely residents to use Facebook: Elderly people have been encouraged to use social media by our students to feel more involved in their community. The initiative was developed by under-and-postgraduates to prevent isolation through the use of new technologies. Find out more.


Students urge lonley older residents to reconnect with Facebook

Blind sailors top of the world thanks to University students: A team of blind sailors are celebrating a golden victory after winning an international competition with help from a University student. Undergraduate Ben Hazeldine, 21, skippered the Great British squad to first place at the recent world championships in Helensburgh, Scotland. Find out more.


Supporting the Economy #MadeAtUni

Upskilling the UK workforce: Our new Tech Park is transforming the way that STEM subjects are taught. ITN recently caught up with our University to find out how our cutting-edge curriculum is developing a new generation of graduates fit for the 21st century.


Enhancing professional development #MadeAtUni

University's teacher-trainers the top choice for schools

University’s trainee-teachers top choice for schools: Trainee teachers who studied at Chichester are the preferred choice for West Sussex schools. A new study has found that Chichester graduates are highly-rated by the schools because they embody the University’s celebrated reputation of developing first-class educators for 180 years. Find out more.


University launches Centre for Workforce Development

Training health care professions for a future NHS: Our recently-launched Centre for Research and Workforce Development acts as a hub for research, applied research, knowledge transfer, and continuing professional development activity. Courses and other learning sessions are available to health care professionals in and around West Sussex, and to staff and students already at the University. Find out more.


Social Justice #MadeAtUni

Dr Graeme Smith role of religion in the European refugee crisis

Role of religion in European refugee crisis: The role of religion in the recent refugee crisis of Europe – the biggest movement of people since the Second World War – has been examined by a University academic. Investigating the ways in which faith shaped the crisis, Professor Graeme Smith revealed that religion can simultaneously cause social conflict and social cohesion in times of turmoil. Find out more.


University leads blind football research

University leading blind football on road to Paralympics: Chichester is developing a classification system for blind football – so that the game can become an official Paralympic sport. Our experts were selected to carry out the project by the International Blind Sports Federation which will allow the sport to meet the International Paralympic Committee’s (IPC) international standards. Find out more.


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