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Department of Psychology and Counselling Research

Research Culture

We are a thriving research community with a strong tradition of theoretical and applied research, and all faculty engage in research that informs their teaching. Over the summer the university has continued to invest extensively in equipment and facilities that enable psychological research at the University of Chichester, which include:

  •   Dedicated fully equipped research cubicles
  •   Specialist advanced research software: Qualtrics, E-prime Superlab, Nvivo and Inquisit.
  •   Laptops for use in offsite testing (e.g. at schools and clinics).
  •   Advanced physiological data acquisition system: BioPac.
  •   Immersive Virtual Reality System for Neuroscience Research: aLIAS.
  •   Cutting-edge Virtual Reality development platform: Vizard.
  •   Innovative functional near-infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS) neuroimaging equipment: NIRScout - NIRx Medical Technologies 

Research Dissemination & Networking

We have a strong record of research dissemination and networking and this year we have continued to publish our work in international high impact peer-reviewed journals, to present our work at prestigious international conferences and to meet with our esteemed national an international colleagues. This year we have:

Published our work in the following journals:

  •  Alcohol and Alcoholism
  •  Asian Journal of Social Psychology
  •  Educational Psychology
  • Journal of Clinical and Experimental Neuropsychology​
  • Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin
  • The Qualitative Report

Presented our work at the following international conferences:

  • Conference of the European Association for Behaviour Analysis (CEABA2016) – Enna, Sicily.
  • Congress of the International Association for Cross-Cultural Psychology (IACCP2016) - Nagoya, Japan.
  • International Association for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Allied Professions World Congress (IACAPAP2016) – Calgary, Alberta, Canada 
  • International Conference on Memory (ICOM2016) - Budapest, Hungary. 
  • International Congress of Psychology (ICP2016) - Yokohama, Japan. 

Research Impact

Our Children’s Drawing Archive and our Lifespan Research Panel continue to flourish, fomenting a thriving research environment.

Research Students

Our PhD students are seen as a vital part of our academic and research environment. Since last year our research students have continued to solidly develop their research projects while, at the same time, actively contributing to our pedagogic activities as knowledge facilitators across a range of workshops.

The MSci Advanced Applied Psychology

Our exciting new integrated master’s programme is an integrated degree programme which enables sound transferable knowledge, practical, analytical and technical skills that are highly marketable in a wide range of industries: e.g. academia, human resources, management, communications, government in addition to clinical, health, forensic, educational, and organisational contexts. This gives our students an advantage over BSc graduates when entering the competitive job market. The programme combines undergraduate and postgraduate study into a single course. Hence, a great advantage is that students will be able to apply for an undergraduate student loan for the duration of the MSci.