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Students turn code-crackers with Bletchley Park expert

PGCE Secondary History trainees have recently spent a day working with Andrew Payne, head of education at the National Archives, exploring ways in which they can use the archives in their teaching.

Trainees decoded a memo intercepted by Bletchley Park reporting the number of deaths in the concentration camps.

They also experienced the potential of the virtual classroom when they linked with the National Archives at Kew to use original documents to analyse why the Titanic sank.


Learning about the horrors of the Holocaust

Tom Jackson from the Holocaust Education Trust recently spent a day at the Bognor Regis campus working with the PGCE History and RE trainees, helping them to rethink how pupils should learn about the Holocaust.

As well as exploring some thought-provoking issues, the trainees gained some excellent ideas about practical activities they will be able to use in the classroom.

At the end of the day student James Gisby commented: “Not only do I feel confident to deliver lessons on the Holocaust, but I feel I will be able to deliver them in a sophisticated and meaningful way.”

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Boosting pupils’ reading

Undergraduate teacher training students are now trained as Boosting Reading @ Primary (BR@P) partners.

The students have been trained to deliver 1:1 intensive reading interventions designed to “improve the way children read, enabling them to be independent problem solvers who read with understanding and enjoyment,” according to

Students are carrying these skills into their school placements to support good pupil progress in schools.


Creative writing days at Chichester

Local school pupils and their teachers/teaching assistants have joined students and lecturers at the University of Chichester for creative writing days.

Much fun was had by all, and the year four boy writers who joined for the day produced news videos reporting on the ‘weasels attempted takeover of the world’.

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