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Politics students witness historic Brexit debates at Westminster

HISTORIC debates about Brexit and the resettlement of child refugees held at the Houses of Parliament have been witnessed by students of the University of Chichester.

Undergraduates of the BA (Hons) Politics and Contemporary History and BSc (Hons) Politics programmes visited Westminster earlier this month to see the democratic underpinnings of Great Britain.

In the House of Lords the students heard part of a discussion on the European Union (Notification of Withdrawal) Bill – otherwise known as Brexit.

The group also saw at the House of Commons impassioned speeches about the Dubs amendment which is part of a scheme to resettle child refugees. 

Dr Ann Schreiner and Dr Kate Law of the Department of History and Politics organised the trip to give the students the opportunity to see the processes of Parliament

Away from the momentous debates the undergraduates also watched some of the proceedings of a Work and Pensions Select Committee meeting.

Dr Schrenier, an associate lecturer in Contemporary History, said: “The students were able to see two high-profile debates over the Dubs bill and Brexit, as well as also attending a select committee.

“The session focussed on the issue of the future of supported housing and included testimonies from a variety of witnesses, including a woman who had escaped from an abusive relationship, and people with learning difficulties.”

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