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University beats economic regeneration targets

THE University of Chichester has successfully created new jobs and supported start-up business growth in the area.

Committed to supporting economic regeneration across the region through business education, support, and advice, the University has beaten a range of targets set by the South East England Development Agency (SEEDA).

This success is possible thanks to the multi-million pound redevelopment of the Dome, a historic listed building on the University’s Bognor Regis campus.

As part of a funding deal for this redevelopment, the University was set targets by SEEDA - contract responsibility now lies with the Homes and Communities Agency - to help create new jobs, employment opportunities, and new business across the region.

Vice-Chancellor Professor Clive Behagg said: “The University is dedicated to education-led economic regeneration in the region and by fulfilling the targets we were set, we’ve been able to demonstrate the extent to which we have been able to achieve this.

“By offering a wide range of business education, advice and support, we are delighted to have seen so many businesses flourish, including a number set up by University of Chichester graduates.”

Due to a wide range of business, employment and career support and advice, the University has helped create more than 100 jobs and assisted nearly 650 people in getting a job.

It has also assisted over 540 businesses in improving their performance and helped over 730 people with skills development.

More than 310 people have been helped in starting a business and over 190 businesses have been assisted with their management and leadership skills.

The University provides advice and support to businesses across the region, be they in development, just getting off the ground or are more developed.

A Business Incubation Centre and the Business Start Up “Hot House” programme has helped local entrepreneurs develop an idea and see it turned into business reality and the University’s collaboration in the Be the Business programme has helped a number of new business get off the ground and grow.

Delegate Louisa Mason, of Flavour Tastings, said: “I’d definitely recommend the Hot House programme, and it clarified in my mind where I needed go, business wise, and where to focus the business.

“The Hot House gave me the confidence to put my efforts into key areas for growth, rather than the quick wins.”

The University arranges many student placements and graduate internships, ranging from a few weeks to a year, and also offers a careers advice service to students and alumni.

By working closely with employers to understand their specific needs, a number of leadership and management programmes have been delivered in workplaces and on campus, including postgraduate programmes for the NHS, the Senior Nurses Development Programme and the Clinical Leaders Programme.

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