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University celebrates its Reservists on Armed Forces Day 2020

ARMED FORCES reservists from the University of Chichester are today being thanked for their contributions to the UK as part of a national day of celebrations.

The flag is being flown for a number of servicemen and women, from the institution’s academic and professional service staff and student body, for their dedication to their military duties. The commemorations are part of the 2020 national Armed Forces Reservist Day, #ArmedForcesDay, which honours the often-overlooked commitments to the country’s forces fighting across the world.

Among the University’s Armed Forces community is Accommodation Officer and naval reservist Scott, who recently returned from active duty in the Caribbean aboard the offshore patrol vessel HMS Medway.

“It’s not every day you get to work on a warship,” said Scott, an AB1 Seaman Specialist who has been part of Britain’s oldest military service for four years. “There’s a lot of history in the Navy and you feel a sense of pride every day you wake up and put your uniform on.”

The Reserve Forces are represented across all three services and make up approximately one sixth of the UK’s Armed Forces personnel. They protect the nation’s security at home and overseas, and are currently supporting operations worldwide.

HMS Medway where Scott is stationed

Able Seaman Scott will soon fly back out to the Caribbean to continue his patrol: protecting British territories from piracy but also supporting residents during the destructive hurricane season. It’s a life well away from his 11-year career at the University of Chichester where, as part of the Accommodation Team, but he is responsible for the welfare of thousands of students.

“It’s a big change going from the University to a warship,” he said. “Since I became a Reservist, I’ve learnt a lot about team ethic and leadership. These are transferable skills that you’d never learn anywhere else, and I’ll be able to bring these to the University when I return next year.”

The University pledged its support to the Armed Forces by signing its official Covenant, which guarantees its commitment to the men and women who have and continue to serve their country. As part of the pledge, the University was awarded the Employer Recognition Scheme Silver Award.

Scott added: “Becoming a reservist was always in the back of my mind and I’m thankful the University has been supportive in my decision to seek mobilisation. It also wouldn't have been possible to undertake this experience without the support of my friends and family.

"I’ve found something that I love doing that not only compliments but is helping to build my career at the University.”

For more details contact Charlotte Meneely, Human Resources lead for the University’s Armed Forces covenant, at or 01243 816320.

For more on how the University of Chichester supports its employees as volunteers, veterans, ex-Armed Forces personnel go to