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University lecturer in new book with Jay-Z, Adele, and Caitlin Moran

Journalist Thomas H Green, who is also a senior lecturer at the University of Chichester


A JOURNALIST and senior lecturer with the University of Chichester’s Department of Creative and Digital Technologies has spoken about his work on a new Glastonbury Festival book with world-famous musicians Jay-Z and Adele.

Thomas H Green has written about his 30 years of experience covering the green-field gathering. The book, Glastonbury 50, celebrates half a century of the Somerset event, with words from iconic artists which include Dolly Parton, Chris Martin, and Noel Gallagher among others.

Author Thomas has been a working journalist for more than 20 years, specialising in covering popular music for the Daily Telegraph, Mixmag and He said: “Glastonbury is the greatest festival in the world and one of the few places where remnants of late 20th century counterculture can be found, thriving intact for a few brief days in June.

“My reports are not just from the obvious frontline of the Pyramid and main stages – the stuff you see on television – but also the backwaters where one can find everything from gong therapy to Greenpeace to tiny teepees blasting dubstep at intense volume. These fringe areas are often where the true spirit of Glastonbury resides.”

The book begins in 1970, the day after Jimi Hendrix's death, when dairy farmer Michael Eavis invited revellers to a pop, folk, and blues festival, where tickets cost £1 each, including free milk from his Worthy Farm cows. Fast-forward five tumultuous decades and Glastonbury now attracts nearly a quarter of a million people each year, as the world’s largest outdoor green-field event.

“In 2020 Glastonbury will be 50 years old,” added Thomas. “It is a great privilege to be asked to contribute a chapter to a book celebrating this fact, alongside the likes of Adele, Caitlin Moran, Jay-Z, Lauren Laverne, Dolly Parton, Billy Bragg and others, including, of course, Michael and Emily Eavis, the father-daughter team behind the festival.”

Glastonbury 50 celebrates half a century of the Somerset event from artists Jay-Z and Adele, among others

At the Department of Creative and Digital Technologies, Thomas is teaching a new generation of music writers and journalists to continue telling the stories that matter, perhaps even including the next 50 years of Glastonbury.

He said: “Glastonbury is always a highlight of my year. Some of the greatest performances I’ve ever seen have taken place there - The Stooges, Plastikman, Beyoncé, The Rolling Stones, LCD Soundsystem, Leonard Cohen and more – but it is as much the vast array of experience available that appeals.

“Glastonbury is, to utilise Hakim Bey’s famous aphorism, a Temporary Autonomous Zone, a place of intensity, of action and understanding, even of personal growth, but also a palace of pleasure, the best party on earth. It has changed hugely since it began, even since I started going, yet in some essential way, it has also remained the same.”

Full details about Glastonbury 50, which is out at the end of October, can be found at For more about Thomas H Green and his work as a journalist or a lecturer at the University of Chichester go to