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Art Collections

The Otter Gallery is home to an extensive collection of art that includes works across all disciplines.

The collection was started in 1947 when Eleanor Hipwell, head of art for the Bishop Otter College, acquired three paintings from an exhibition held at the Victoria and Albert Museum in order to display them in the University. Shortly afterwards, Miss K E Murray was appointed as a new Principal. Along with Eleanor Hipwell's successor, Sheila McCririck, Miss Murray pursued a determination to develop a collection of contemporary art that would inspire and inform the students of the University. The acquisition of quality work with inadequate monetary resources was a demonstration of Miss Murray's persuasive persistence. She was helped by the support of Bishop Bell, Chairman of the Bishop Otter College Council, and Walter Hussey, who arrived as the new Dean at Chichester Cathedral in 1955.

Their support was vital in helping to promote acceptance of an acquisitions policy that included controversial and challenging pieces such as Patrick Heron's Black and White. As the collection grew, it was displayed throughout the College for the benefit of students and staff. Some of the outstanding pieces in the collection may be seen in annual exhibitions in the Otter Gallery and are on display as "Picture of the Month" in the Learning Resources Centre. From time to time items are on loan for display in regional, national and international galleries.


Artist: A Works
Allen, Ewa Tomato, 1968, screenprint with embroidery
Artist: B Works
Bain, Peter (Untitled) oil painting
Ballard, Kenneth Iris, oil painting
Barker, Ben Lying Form, Sculptural Form, 2 sculptures, 1972
Bashford, K Rubberplant, drawing
Bawden, Edward Welsh Desert, watercolour painting
Beckett, Dick Curved Form, 1971, aluminium sculpture
Benney, Gerald Cross and Two Candlesticks, silver
Beutlich, Tadek Sunset, woven wall hanging
Blackadder, Elizabeth Three Jugs of Flowers, watercolour
Blackman, Audrey 14 porcelain pieces and porcelain figures
Blandino, Betty Oxidized stoneware pot
Blow, Sandra (Untitled) oil painting
Bond, Julian Grey Day, oil painting
Bott, Francis Plaisir sans Mémoire, gouache painting
Bradley, Michael Refugee Camp – Acrylic

2 x Untitled – print

Bandstand Bognor, 1980, screenprint Family,

two drawings
Bradley, Janet Refugee Camp, 1980, acrylic painting
Bratby, John Girl with a Rose in her Lap, oil painting
Breed, Hilda Woven wall hangings: Bedspread, Islands,

Two Cutch Trees,
Britton, Alison Set of four jugs, ceramic
Brown, Keith Figure, 1970, Portland stone sculpture
Burnett, Dierdre Ceramic bowl, flowing edge and manganese

Burns, William Small Harbour, oil painting
Burton, Jane (Untitled) embroidered and collaged wall hanging
Artist: C Works
Caiger-Smith, Alan Lustre bowl, ceramic
Cameron, Roger The Monastery Garden, gouache painting
Cardew, Michael Bread jar Large plate Stoneware shallow dish with combed glaze
Casson, Michael Jug with iron combed slip and tenmokku glaze
Clarke, Geoffrey Sculpture, aluminium
Clucas, Joy Shrouded Sun, embroidery and collage
Coker, Alec Workman's Star, decorative straw-work
Collingwood, Peter Black and Blue, woven wall hanging
Cotman, John Sell Drawing
Craighead, Meinrad Moon Water, charcoal drawing
Craxton, John Fisherman and Net, drawing
Artist: D Works
Dare, Susan Garden 2, 1979, sculptural collage
Davis, Derek Daisy Field, ceramic
Duckworth, Ruth Coiled pot
Duffin, Gill Head of a Girl, 1966, oil painting
Dyes, Va Waterways, tie and dye wall hanging
Artist: E Works
EL'Nigoumi, Siddig Sharief Wad Erredic, press-moulded

stoneware dish
Enwonwu, Ben Monotony, oil painting
Epstein, Jacob The Spirit of God Moved on the

Face of the Water, watercolour
Eurich, Richard Solent Angler, oil painting
Artist: F Works
Fedden, Mary Among the Sunflowers, drawing
Feibusch, Hans Two Angels, drawing
Feiler, Paul Boats and Sea, oil painting
Fernee, Kenneth Shadows and Lights - Evening, oil painting
Floyde, Derek Ferns, 1978, screen print
Fournier, Sheila Hand-formed bowl with turquoise glaze
Fournier, Robert Pond, stoneware
Frost, Terry Red Painting, 1963, oil
Fry, Roger La Charite, lithograph
Artist: G Works
Garland, Margaret (Untitled), gouache
Garwood, Christine Geraniums, embroidered hanging
Gasking, Elspeth Trees, 1965,oil painting
Gavin, Jim Corrida 2, oil painting
Gear, William Black Figures, oil painting

White Features, oil painting
Goodchild, D.A. Colour Statement No 3, drawing
Goward, Mary Woman, batik
Grieg, Rita Kings, Wizards and other Creatures, oil painting
Griever-Mascarin, Heidi Angel, c.1960, and House, batik
Griffin, Carol Sunflowers, 1967, oil painting
Artist: H Works
Hall, Mary Sussex Downs, 1960, gouache painting
Hamer, Robin Painting, 1973, emulsion
Harris, Jan Boats, 1975, oil painting
Harvey, Neil Painting 1, 1980, oil painting

Painting 2, 1981, oil painting
Heath, Adrian watercolour
Hemmingway, Andrew Collection, watercolour
Henderson, Ewen Coiled form in stoneware and porcelain
Heron, Patrick Black and White, April 1956, oil painting
Herrix, Gordon Chalk drawing for sculpture
Hitchens, Ivon Autumn Stream, oil painting
Hitchens, John Flowers in a Shore Window, oil painting
Hoad, Simon Pink Painting, oil
Hockney, David Postcard of Richard Wager with Glass of Water
Hodgkinson, Peter The Murray Relief, sculpture
Holmsen, Brit Dahlias, oil painting
Hooper, S Town Hall, Chichester, 1784, drawing
Horder, Margaret Hares, lithograph
Hunt, Eileen Apples, 1971, oil painting
Artist: J Works
Jenkins, Paul Geoffrey, 1967, oil painting
Jones, Colin Abstract Shape, ceramic
Jones, Peter Incandescence, emulsion

White with Black Accent, relief construction
Artist: K Works
Kemp, Jocelyn Seed Heads, tapestry
Kempe, C.E. Stained glass
Kettle, Alice Harlequin Madonna, embroidery and collage
King, Carolanne Shell and Sea Mat on Shingle, 1979, oil painting
Kwali, Ladi Coiled pot
Artist: L Works
Lambourne, Nigel Chicken Killing, drawing
Lanyon, Peter The Green Mile, oil painting
Lawrence, Edith Docks, linocut
Le Huray, Maureen Fruits, 1955, gouache painting
Leach, Bernard Jug
Leach, David Square thrown pot, black clay, stoneware
Leach, Janet Lidded pot – black clay, stoneware
Lees, Stewart The Exact Patch, acrylic painting
Liddle, Peter Beck Falls 1, acrylic painting
Liddle, Ann Girl, 1974, batik
Linnell John Bishop William Otter, 1840, drawing
Livingston, Jane Cream embroidery
Lloyd, Carolyn Landscape, embroidery
Lock, Priscilla Chimneys, oil painting
Lurcat, Jean Creation, tapestry wall hanging
Artist: M Works
Maile, Anne 5 tie and dye pieces
Maltby, John Cut-sided decorated teapot with cane handle

Wall with Urn, ceramic
Mawson, Sophie Family, 1996, embroidered assemblage
Marshall, Ray Deep stoneware bowl with roulette decoration
Marshall, William Tall jug, ceramic
Martin, Bob Winter Morning - Dell Quay, 1971, oil painting
Martin-Cricklade, J.W. Cider jar
Mather, Sally Nets, 1957, oil painting

The Snake, 1951, gouache painting
May, Margary Head of a Girl, monotype
McAllister, Patricia Standing Figures, polyester, resin and aluminium sculpture
McCririck, Sheila Nude, 1947, oil painting
Mellon, Eric Circus Horse and Rider, oil painting

Horse and Rider, ceramic dish
Meninsky, Bernard Portrait, oil painting
Merry, Carol (Untitled)
Michie, David Patterned Garden
Moffat, Heather My God, my God, why hast Thou forsaken me?, oil
Mohanti, Prafulla


Moore, Henry Seated Figure on Square Steps, bronze sculpture

Seated Figures, drawing
Morley-Price, Ursula Grey Swiling Form, stoneware
Moss, Kathleen Desert Flower, gouache painting
Murray, Fay Daisies, 1971, oil painting
Murray, Kenneth Keta Girl, 1942, Kwami, 1936, drawings
Murray, Andrew Young Footballers at Newlyn, Cornwall, oil painting
Artist: N Works
Nash, Paul Hampstead Gardens under Snow, watercolour painting
Nelder, Nora Sleep Walker, sculpture, Bath stone
Newman, Bryan Sandy Sculpture, ceramic
Artist: O Works
Oliver-Jones, Robert (Untitled)
O'Malley, Peter Ceramic bowl
Oona Ivory Coast, batik
Orton, Lee Wing, bronze sculpture
Artist: P Works
Parsons, Jane Hands
Patel, Jenny Orange Figure, 1973, oil painting
Patten, John Trees in Snow, 1960, oil painting
Peddie, Elizabeth Shapes, 1976, screenprint
Picking, John Dancers before the Door, No 1, oil painting
Piper, John Tin Mines, St. Agnes, watercolour painting
Plosky, Jonas Low Tide, gouache painting
Plowman, Chris After a Flood, etching

Untitled, etching

Untitled, etching
Potter, Mary Downland Sun, batik
Potter, Donald Squirrel, sculpture
Artist: R Works
Redgrave, William Tiger, Tiger, oil painting
Reynolds, Alan Fen Landscape, watercolour painting
Rie, Lucie Stoneware bottle
Rope, Margaret Stained glass, 1930
Rouault, Georges Jesus will be in Agony even to the End of the World, aquatint

By His Bruises are we Healed, aquatint
Artist: S Works
Saunders, Alan Past Worlds, sculpture
Sayed, Farah 'Gauze' 2006 (62cm x 38cm)
Scott, William Harbour, oil painting
Shannon, Sheila Garlic, 1973, oil painting
Sickert, Walter The Lay Figure, drawing
Simcock, Jack Cottages, Mow Copp II, 1959, oil painting
Skelton, John Axis Mundi, 1990, sculpture
Smith, Frances Ceramic Doll in Wooden Chair, 1979, porcelain
Smith, Larry Chaplin, oil Painting
Soukop, Willi Mother and Child, sculpture, polyphant stone
Southern, A. Mecca Cafe, Birmingham, gouache painting
Spencer, Stanley First drawing for Burghclere Chapel:1

Three cartoons for Resurrection of Soldiers, Burghclere Chapel
Stanshall, Vivian Speranza regards her Son, oil painting
Stark, Shua Family Occasion, batik
Stark, Andrew (Untitled), acrylic painting
Stern, Bernard Boy with Blue Hat, oil painting

Musical Notes, oil painting
Stone, Charles Salt glazed stoneware
Strand, June Blossom, 1953, gouache painting
Sutherland, Graham Entrance to Lane, gouache, painting
Syed, Farah Gauze, 2006, oil on canvas
Artist: T Works
Taylor, Goeffrey Stockport, 1968, oil painting
Tite, Marion Remembrance, 1971, oil painting
Tooes, Jacqueline Natural Disaster, 1995, embroidery and collage
Turner, Caroline Ballet Dancer, 1986
Artist: V Works
Vaughan, Keith Moor Landscape with Figures, gouache painting
Artist: W Works
Wallis, Alfred Boat, oil painting
Walton, Frank Prophet Abstract, oil painting
Ward, John Stoneware bowl
Wawro, Richard

Feeding Time, drawing


Webb, Marjorie Aubergines and Fish, oil painting
Wehmer, John Winter, paper collage
Welch, Robin Sculptures pot, ceramic
Williams, Cherry Singleton, 1968, oil painting
Williams, John The Cricket Match, 1972, oil painting
Wood, Christopher Treboul Harbour, pencil drawing
Wright, Peter Porcelain dish with agate decoration

Small stoneware box

Three small sculptured pots
Artist: Y Works
Yasuda, Takeshi Shallow dish