Alireza Javahernia

Lecturer in Operations and Business Management


Alireza was educated in Manufacturing Management and Industrial Engineering. He has studied and researched innovation in a management and manufacturing environment prior to joining to the University of Chichester. He has more than 10 years of experience in the industry and commercial sectors ranging from automotive, manufacturing and  financial services. He joined the industry as a planning expert in 2001 which he was responsible for outsourcing and technology transfer from the main company to a subsidiary company over three years. One of his projects was to commission the materials selection software for the manufacturing process in order to minimise wastage and maximise profit.  During his career, he took senior positions such as Head of Procurement which he developed and implemented strategies for procuring, storing, and distributing goods or services and liaising with key company employees to determine their product and service needs . He also has teaching and research experience in multiple disciplines such Operations Management and Manufacturing Management for postgraduate and undergraduate modules.


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His employment history and recent research experience is centre on Innovation and Operations Management and Manufacturing management.

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