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Associate Lecturer, Print and Painting Technician

Andrea Vassallo


Andrea is an associate lecturer, printing and painting technician and practitioner-researcher working within the Department of Fine Art and Creative Industries at the University of Chichester. He specialises in etching processes, photography, videos, digital technologies and Art Installations. Andrea, in 2016, was the Emerging Artist in residence at Chichester Festival Theatre, where he explored the relationship between the building, the stage and the audience, using video as a creative process. He recently co-organised the Encountering Environments Symposium at the University of Chichester in collaboration with Prof. Vicky Hunter, Dr. Shirley Chubb, Virginia Farman, and Michelle Spencer.

He is currently undertaking a PhD, exploring the impact of long-distance walking (2000 km walk connecting England to Italy performed during the summer of 2021) as a psychosomatic activity. A method to physically and conceptually experience the world used as a phenomenological propulsor for the realisation of an art installation.

He studies the effects on consciousness of personal surroundings of an on-foot journey across Europe, scrutinising its philosophical, political and sociological implications.

In his work, Andrea employs the concept of representing a real-life experience through similarity. He achieves this by capturing various signs, such as landscapes, weather, paths, and the act of walking itself, in the video recording. These signs are equivalent to a real walk, creating a direct connection between the footage and the experience it represents. This method is used to translate the personal, experiential aspect of walking into a simulation that visitors to the artwork can experience.

Andrea is a member of the Walking Artist Network and Long-Distance Walking Association.

Research Output

Book Section

Vassallo A. (2024), From Home to Home, in: Encountering Environments: Perspectives from the Arts and Humanities, Routledge (in preparation).

Conference or Workshop Items

Vassallo A. (2023), PSI 28 (Performance Studies International), Uhando Luyazilawula:

Embodied Wandering Practice, University of the Witwatersrand Johannesburg, South Africa,(Unpublished).

Vassallo A. (2022), Encountering Environments Symposium, University of Chichester.

Vassallo A. (2022), International Encounters Walking Art and Relational Geographies, Paper Presentation, University of Girona – Olot – Vic, Spain, (Unpublished).

Vassallo A. (2020), Moving Off Stage, Paper Presentation, University of Chichester (Unpublished).


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