Hazem Eissa

Associate Lecturer


Hazem is a part-time associate lecturer at the University of Chichester.

Hazem obtained his BSc in electrical communication and electronics engineering at October University for Modern Science and Art (MSA) (Egypt, 2008-2013). He obtained his MSc in the field of electrical engineering (specialised in swarm robotics) at the University of Greenwich (UK, 2015-2016). Hazem is currently a researcher at the University of Greenwich continuing his studies on distributed swarm of robots.


[1]  Eissa, Hazem and El-Sehely, Ehab, “Smart Ovulation Detection Device Using Body Temperature” in IEEE EMBS International Students Conference, IEEE in Cairo University, Egypt, 2013.

[2]  Eissa, Hazem M and Ahmed, Amr M and Elsehely, Ehab A, “Implementation of Smart Ovulation Detection Device” in RECENT ADVANCES in BIOMEDICAL \& CHEMICAL ENGINEERING and MATERIALS SCIENCE, PP.82, 2014.

[3]  Seals, Richard and Eissa, Hazem, “Optimising data extraction from one dimensional distance sensors” in The First Medway Engineering Conference on Systems: Efficiency, Sustainability and Modelling, University of Greenwich, 2016.

[4] Eissa, Hazem and Melis, Wim JC and Keates, Simeon and Doncheva, Radostinka , “Enhancing Robotic Swarms With Fractal Behaviours to Explore Unknown Enclosed Areas”, in The 3rd Medway Engineering Conference: Systems: Efficiency, Sustainability and Modelling, University of Greenwich, Pembroke Building Central Avenue, Chatham Maritime, United Kingdom, PP.1-6, 2018.

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