Dr Howard Taylor

Head of Mechanical & Materials Engineering


Dr. Howard Taylor Head of Mechanical and Materials Engineering, joined the University in June 2017 from Manchester Metropolitan University after 26 years’ service, latterly as Principal Lecturer in the School of Engineering with special responsibility for Employability.

Dr. Taylor has a first degree in Engineering Metallurgy and a PhD in Engineering Material from the University of Salford.  He previously worked as a Materials Technologist at the National Nuclear Corporation, working on the European Fast Reactor project.

Dr. Taylor has 30 years’ experience of engineering and materials and during the past 20 years has worked closely with industry conducting numerous materials engineering projects.

Latterly Dr. Taylor has specialised in working in litigation case, mainly surrounding cycle component failures. With cycling being a highly competitive area for manufacturers, they are always working towards high performance as a means to capture specific markets and this has led to numerous issues with the designs and the manufacture, leading to failures when designs are taken to extremes or a breakdown in quality control. Many failures have resulted in serious injuries and inevitable claims for compensation and a need for specialist expert witness assistance.

Dr. Taylor has for a number of years worked with Police authorities in the capacity as an expert witness in road traffic accident cases. In this capacity, he has provided expert opinion, reports and appeared in both coroner’s court and crown court cases. These cases have involved a very wide range application of knowledge of materials and other branches engineering and physics in order to support the police investigations.

Dr. Taylor is also closely involved with the IOM3 and has served in various roles included President of the Manchester local society.

Other department members

Alec Coutroubis
Associate Lecturer in Engineering

Dr Alec Coutroubis is Associate Lecturer in Engineering.

Saritha Kinkiri
Associate Lecturer

I have been delivering lectures, tutorials and lab demonstrations at the Faculty of Engineering. In addition, I have prepared reading the material for the lectures, and experimental procedures labs.  I have also graded reports and course work for students.

Dr Faud Alhabill

Fuad received his electrical engineering BEng (with distinction) in 2008 from the Islamic University of Gaza, Palestine, where he worked as a teaching assistant and lecturer until 2011.

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