Julie Gooderick

Lecturer in Sports Therapy


Julie has extensive experience in professional sports, having worked with athletes from grassroots level to Olympic level. Julie completed her degree in Sports Therapy in 2008, and completed a Masters degree in Strength and Conditioning in 2011. She began her career working at one of the LTA high performance centres, then went on to run successful programmes at a prestigious private school and the University of East London. Julie’s expertise spans across the disciplines of Sports Therapy, rehab and Strength and Conditioning.


Julie presented at the 2021 UKSCA conference on the development of sports programmes within schools. In 2012, she was part of a UK Government think-tank which presented norms for primary school exercise.


Gooderick, J., Fisher, H., Ingram, R., Baker, E. and Williams, L. 2021. Sleep hygiene for athletes. Professional Strength and Conditioning, 61, 25-30.

Gooderick, J., Fisher, H. and Dunkley, S. 2021. The Wellness Handbook. KP Direct, London, UK.

Gooderick, J. and Fisher, H. 2011. Recovery in Performance Sport: A review of selected macro and micro strategies. Professional Strength and Conditioning, 24, 3-9.


Julie’s current research interests are the role of sleep as a recovery strategy and performance enhancing tool, the role of circadian rhythms in sport and the development of return to play guidelines for female athletes post-childbirth.


Julie is currently completing a PhD investigating the use of sleep hygiene interventions to improve sleep indices and performance of female athletes.

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