Dr Mandy Gault

Head of Sport and Exercise Physiology


Mandy is a the Head of Sport and Exercise Physiology as well as a senior lecturer in Exercise Physiology. Mandy is a programme coordinator on both undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.

Mandy is a track and field athlete and holds a range of regional and national titles in the 400-m and 400-m hurdles, with international representation for Northern Ireland.



  • 2005 Diploma in area studies, McMurray University, TX, USA
  • 2006 BSc. (Hons) Sport and Exercise Science, University of Ulster
  • 2010 Ph.D. Exercise Physiology ‘Physiological and functional adaptations of older adults to concentric and eccentric endurance exercise’. Department of Sport and Exercise Sciences, University of Chichester
  • 2010 Postgraduate Certificate in Learning and Teaching, University of


  • SPL212 Exercise prescription for health and fitness (to become Developing and monitoring physical performance)
  • SPL232 Clinical exercise physiology
  • SPL335 Physical activity, obesity and diabetes
  • SPL336 Cardiovascular rehabilitation
  • SPL342 Health and well-being clinic (to become Exercise referral clinic)
  • SPL343 Work placement in sport and exercise science (S1 and S2)
  • MSCPU03 Measurement in physical activity and public health


  • Head of sport and exercise physiology
  • Programme co-ordinator BSc (Hons) Sport and Exercise Science (Physical activity for public health)
  • Programme co-ordinator MSc Physical Activity and Public Health
  • Admissions tutor BSc and MSci Sport and Exercise Science
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Research and scholarly output:


Gault, M.L., Willems, M.E.T. (2017). The metabolic equivalents of 1-mile walking by older adults; implications for health promotion. Health Promotion Perspectives 7(4), 216-222, doi: 10.15171/hpp.2017.38.

Cook, M.D., Myers, S.D., Gault, M.L., Edwards, V.E., & Willems, M.E.T. (2017). Cardiovascular Function during Supine Rest in Endurance Trained Males with New Zealand Blackcurrant: A Dose-Response Study. European Journal of Applied Physiology 117(2):247-254. IF: 2.130 (2016). doi: 10.1007/s00421-016-3512-x.

Cook, M.D., Myers, S.D., Gault, M.L., & Willems, M.E.T. (2017). Blackcurrant Alters Physiological Responses and Femoral Artery Diameter during Sustained Isometric Contraction. Nutrients. 2017, 9(6). pii: E556. doi: 10.3390/nu9060556.

Cook, M.D, Myers, S.D., Gault, M.L., Edwards, V.C., & Willems, M.E.T. (2017). Dose effects of New Zealand blackcurrant on substrate oxidation and physiological responses during prolonged cycling. Eur J Appl Physiol. 117(6):1207-1216, 2017. IF: 2.130 (2016). doi: 10.1007/s00421-017-3607-z.


Willems, M.E.T., Myers, S.D., Gault, M.L., & Cook, M.D. (2015). Beneficial physiological effects with blackcurrant intake in endurance athletes. International Journal of Sport Nutrition & Exercise Metabolism 25(4), 367-374.  Journal Impact Factor 2015: 2.6,


Gault, M.L., & Willems, M.E.T. (2014) Walking and aerobic capacity in old adults after concentric and eccentric endurance exercise at self-selected intensities. Health, 6:654-663. Journal Impact Factor 2015: 0.51.


Gault, M.L., & Willems, M.E.T. (2013) Aging, functional capacity and eccentric exercise training. Aging and Disease, 4(6):351-363. . Journal Impact Factor 2015: 4.57.

Gault, M.L., Clements, R.E., & Willems, M.E.T. (2013) Cardiovascular responses during downhill treadmill walking at self-selected intensity in older adults. Journal of Aging and Physical Activity, 21(3):335-347. Journal Impact Factor 2015: 2.1.

Gault, M.L., & Willems, M.E.T. (2013). Isometric strength and steadiness adaptations of the knee extensor muscles to level and downhill treadmill walking in older adults. Biogerontology, 14(2):197-208. Journal Impact Factor 2014: 3.252.


Gault, M.L., Clements, R.E., & Willems, M.E.T. (2012). Functional mobility of older adults after concentric and eccentric endurance exercise. European Journal of Applied Physiology. 112(11): 3699-707. Journal Impact Factor 2015: 2.3.


Gault, M.L., Clements, R.E., & Willems, M.E.T. (2011). Muscle damage from downhill treadmill walking does not change walking economy in healthy older adults. Journal of Human Kinetics, 27, 55-65. Journal Impact Factor 2015: 1.2.


Gault ML, Clements RE, & Willems MET. (2009). Effect of wearing the Cosmed K4b2 metabolic system on 1 mile walking performance in older adults. Journal of Human Kinetics, 21, 41-48. Journal Impact Factor 2015:1.2

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My research interests align to the IoS health and well-being theme. I am interested in how we measure volume and intensity of physical activity participation in children/ adolescents, healthy adults, older adults, and in particular those individuals with non-communicable disease states. In addition, I interested in how participation in physical activity, and the additional supplementation of functional foods, relates to physical health measures in clinical groups.

In particular, older adults, cardiac patients and bariatric patients. More recently, I have an interest in public health project’s to get people active, for example, the daily mile. In addition, my work with the St Richards Hospital Bariatric Unit has developed into obesity bias and the role this plays in what we can do to increase physical activity participation and physical health measures in bariatric patients and the role health care professionals have.


  • 2017-present               Sam Newman
  • 2013 – 2017                Matthew Cook
  • 2013 – 2018                Kimberley Ashdown


  • 2018 – internal examiner Major Review Rianne Costello


  • REPs level 2 – 4 courses for students approximately £8K per year
  • British Cycling and Suffolk Sport 2010-2012
  • Ipswich Town Football Club Youth Teams 2010-2012
  • England Squash and Racquet Ball 2009-2011
  • Royal Yachting Association 2009- 2011
  • Banbridge Town Football Club – pre-season training fitness assessments (2006-2007)


  • Radio interview – Ipswich Community Radio – Interview on physical activity recommendations for all ages.
  • Public lecture – East Anglia Osteoporosis Group – Lecture entitled ‘Eccentric endurance exercise for improving functional mobility’. University Campus Suffolk (2011).
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Other department members

Louis Langdown
Senior Lecturer in Sports Performance Analysis

Louis Langdown is Senior Lecturer in Sports Performance Analysis.

Kasha Dickie
Lecturer in Clinical Exercise Physiology

Dr Kasha Dickie joined the University of Chichester in 2022 as Lecturer in Clinical Exercise Physiology.

Daniel Moore
Research Assistant – Occupational Performance Research Group

Daniel is a post-graduate Research Assistant working with the Occupational Performance Research Group at the University of Chichester.

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