Mark Taylor

Senior Technician in Engineering and Design


Mark Taylor, Senior Technician in Engineering and Design, joined the University in March 2018, after 22 years service in an independent school as a technician and instructor, where he managed the logistical running, setting up, Health and Safety and maintenance of the Engineering and Design workshops.

Previous to this, Mark served a 4 year apprenticeship in Mechanical Engineering with the Central Electricity Generating Board and worked in the power generation industry for 8 years, followed by 9 years in the electricity mains power distribution industry.

Mark is experienced in designing and making products, especially furniture, using both metals and woods. He also has experience in making silver jewellery and wood turned products.

Other department members

Alec Coutroubis
Associate Lecturer in Engineering

Dr Alec Coutroubis is Associate Lecturer in Engineering.

Saritha Kinkiri
Associate Lecturer

I have been delivering lectures, tutorials and lab demonstrations at the Faculty of Engineering. In addition, I have prepared reading the material for the lectures, and experimental procedures labs.  I have also graded reports and course work for students.

Dr Howard Taylor
Head of Mechanical & Materials Engineering

Dr. Howard Taylor Head of Mechanical and Materials Engineering, joined the University in June 2017 from Manchester Metropolitan University after 26 years’ service, latterly as Principal Lecturer in the School of Engineering with special responsibility for Employabili

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