Miss Gemma Hopwood

Students' Union President

Gemma Hopwood


In 2021 Miss Gemma Hopwood was elected as the Students’ Union President and joined the Board of Governors in July 2021.  Having been re-elected for 2022/23, she co-ordinates the Sabbatical team, together with the Vice-President, Mr Freddie Rainbow.

Gemma says “my role is to be the figurehead and spokesperson for the Students’ Union and to ensure students feel part of the University community.  As President, I co-ordinate the Sabbatical team together with the Vice-President, Freddie Rainbow. I also represent the student body at a local and national level and sit on a number of the University’s committees.  In addition to this, I oversee the Student Council, ensuring the Students’ Union remains democratic and that the student body has a say in how things are run”.

Gemma is a member of the Nominations & Effectiveness Committee and the Honorary Awards Committee.

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