Dr Richard Hale

Associate Lecturer


Business career in HR, Learning & Development followed by consultancy career with orientation towards action learning, action research, Organisation Development. Masters and doctoral supervision with focus on professional doctorates for managers and leaders.


  • Twice literati award for articles published in Emerald journals.

Key Publications

Hale, R. 2007. Keep Walking: Leadership Learning in Action, MX Publishing; 2nd edition (9 November 2009), UK.

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the UK Civil Service, Action Learning: Research & Practice, October, pp. 1-19.

Collingham, B., Critten, P., Garnett, J. and Hale, R. (2007) A Partnership Approach to Developing & Accrediting Work

Based Learning – Meeting the Skills Challenge for Performance Improvement, Inaugural Conference, British Institute

for Learning & Development, Royal Society of Medicine, London 17 May  200

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The Dynamics of Mentoring relationships at work.

PhD Supervision

Action learning, action research methodologies applied in a business, organisational, government or care context.

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Andrew Appiah
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