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Pre-sessional Accommodation

Conveniently located within walking distance of our Chichester Campus. Staying at our Stockbridge Student Village during your pre-sessional course offers a comfortable self-catered option located in the heart of the city.




Single room

Campus bus service

25 min walk to campus

You will be living in our Stockbridge Student Village in Chichester. Your room is a single study room with a bathroom and you will share a kitchen with 5-7 students.  You will be studying at our Chichester Campus and will be able to travel there by walking or by public transport.

Stockbridge Student Village details

Address: Stockbridge Student Village, Stockbridge Road, Chichester, West Sussex, PO19 8FG

Reception telephone number: +44 (0)1243 773533

Stockbridge is ideally located near Chichester city centre and within walking distance of the cinema, shops, restaurants and train station.

What self-catered means

This means that you will have to buy and cook your own food. Our Chichester Campus has a café where you can buy lunch during your lunch break.  You can find microwaves in the Learning Resource centre if you wish to bring your own lunch and heat it. Free cold water is available in every building on both campuses and hot water can be provided at our on-site café.

Pre-sessional rent prices

Rent prices are to be confirmed for Summer 2024. You will receive an invoice within a couple of weeks of arriving in Chichester. You can pay your invoice via Chiview.

What is included

We will provide you with a pillow, duvet, sheets and towels. Please note that you will have to clean your own room and share the cleaning of the communal kitchen once you start your main degree studies in September.

What is not included

We do not provide you with kitchen crockery, utensils (pots, pans, plates, cups etc.).  You will need to buy these yourself during the first couple of days of your stay in Chichester.

Finding somewhere to live after the course ends

We will organise an information session to help you find a room on campus or off campus accommodation for September 2024.  Our accommodation team will be happy to help with any questions you have.  You can also get in touch with our accommodation team directly by emailing them allocations@chi.ac.uk.

Living off-campus during the pre-sessional course

Please tell us as soon as possible. We recommend that you live in the university halls of residence, but if you wish to live off campus in a privately owned accommodation, you will need to consider that the contract may be for 12 months and that you will be liable for council tax during the pre-sessional course and after you have completed your studies. You will also need to pay all the bills e.g. electricity, gas, water, internet etc.

Bringing electrical equipment from overseas

Please do not bring any heat emitting electrical equipment from overseas such as rice cookers, hair straighteners, hairdryers etc., which require an adaptor in order to use in the UK. All appliances must have a UK plug.

Please note

Heat-emitting electrical appliances need to have a UK power plug!

You can order electrical items such as rice cookers and hairdryers, plus kitchen utensils and have them delivered to you at Stockbridge. Here are some suggestions of where you can order:



We recommend that you arrive the weekend before the start of your programme (dates to be confirmed). So that we know when to expect you, you must email us the following details:

  • Flight number
  • Arrival airport & terminal
  • Time and date of your arrival
  • Contact telephone number

Our accommodation team will make sure your room is ready when you arrive. You will need to collect your key from the main reception at Stockbridge Student Village on arrival. The main reception is open 24/7.

Travelling to Chichester

Please refer to our Be Prepared website for information on travelling by public transport from the airport(s) to Chichester.

Pre-sessional (Stockbridge)
Watch our virtual tour of our Stockbridge Student Village accommodation.

Virtual tours

See what you can expect from Stockbridge Student Village

Watch our video to learn more about our self-catered, safe, and comfortable off-campus accommodation complete with ensuite or explore an example room in our 360-tour.

Who to contact

Accommodation: allocations@chi.ac.uk
Pre-sessional English programme: business-school@chi.ac.uk
Pre-arrival and immigration advice: international@chi.ac.uk

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