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Our research interests

Staff in the Institute of Education undertake research across a wide range of fields and subject areas. Below are some examples of practioner-based research in the classroom and research in the wider educational context.

Practioner-based research

Education experts investigate behaviour in the classroom

Dr Sue Bentham, Julia O'Kelly and Antony Bignell are currently involved in a collaborative Behaviour Project with school partners.

The starting point for this research acknowledged the government’s concern that ’teachers rate behaviour management as their biggest worry and poor behaviour as an important factor for teachers deciding to leave the profession’ (DfE,  White Paper, ‘The Importance of Teaching’, 2010, p. 16).  

Discussion regarding the nature of discipline and learning in English schools has come under further scrutiny in light of various explanations given in response to the riots in London during August 2011 and this further strengthens the need for research in this area.  The initial phase of this project involved Secondary ITT tutors  undertaking observations in selected school and co-constructing with  the classroom teacher  a ‘story’ of how behaviour for learning is supported within the classroom. In recognising the importance of pupil voice ITT tutors also conducted interviews with selected individual pupils in regard to what they considered to be an engaging lesson. 

Information gained from these observations and interviews were used to construct a series of case-studies which were presented by the classroom teacher and the ITT tutor at a conference in Autumn 2012.

Physical Education

Dr Suzie Everley has a longstanding interest in PE, her most recent research included topics such as: cross curricular teaching, literacy through physical education, utilisation of sport and PE as across curricular teaching tool, healthy lifestyles promotion in school, and Olympism in teaching science technology and mathematics.

Research in the wider educational context

Technology and People

Dr Hazel Beadle publishes widely in the area of Technology and People, this encompasses social media, she has presented at a variety of national and international conferences.

Leadership and Management

Dr Barbara Thompson researches gender, leadership and management with a particular interest in ITT, she has published a variety of articles and her book is due to be published in September 2016. An article of Barbara's entitled "Succumbing, surviving, succeeding? Women managers in academia" Gender in Management: An International Journal, ISSN 1754-2413 was reviewed by the Times Higher Educational Supplement in spring 2016.