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Pulp avant-garde - cult 60s to the present

Public humanities at Chichester includes a significant amount of teaching and research in the broad area of TV, Cult, Avant-Garde, and much in between.

The team includes graphic narrative specialist, Professor Hugo Frey who has written extensively on the graphic novel and has recently been publishing on the 1960s comic, Barbarella (as referenced in the Ariana Grande video) and Professor Benjamin Noys whose work is known across the European theory and art scene, including addressing questions of speed, technology, music, and politics.

Alwyn Turner adds to this vibrant mix including his widely read book on the father of the Daleks, Terry Nation, as well as a widely followed discursive blog.

Sport, music, graffiti and world politics form further areas for debate and enquiry. Recent guest speakers and collaborators include European graphic novelist, Benoit Peeters, and Len Deighton (SS-GB)-specialist, Edward-Milward Oliver. The department is also sponsoring this year’s Blakefest to celebrate our links to the famous poet, William Blake.

Not unsurprising Chichester is a cross-roads for pulp and avant garde cultural history and politics. Off-Brighton, the city and its environs was home to figures as different as MP Shiel (sci-fi), MacLaren-Ross (an inspiration to Bob Dylan) and was site of the famous Redlands raid on the Rolling Stones.