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Self-Defence Training for female University students

Nayana Chowdhury (WSLA 2014 graduate) was awarded a £500 Catalyst Grant in 2017 to run a project which provides self-defence training to female students at the University of Dhaka, Bangladesh.

The first aim of the project was to provide practical training on Judo, which was achieved with twenty university female students via a workshop. The workshop also built resource capacity, including a team of four women trainers.

A second aim was to raise awareness on violence against women, and the project included practitioner-led discussion on vulnerability, harassment and violence against women for the participants, their friends and family.

The final aim was provide knowledge and information on basic self-defence. Different levels of training were given and resources such as manuals and guidelines will be produced.

The Catalyst Grant encourages the awardee to reflect on their personal development as a sport leader. Nayana’s own objectives were to enhance her interpersonal communication with Judo and other sports organisers, build capacity and resources for her programmes, and strengthen her own Foundation (the Nayana Chowdhury Sports Foundation). Each of these were developed to the extent that her team has been invited to deliver the programme in other universities, colleges and high schools in the country.

We are proud to have contributed to this worthwhile project and congratulate Nayana for overcoming various challenges, including rescheduling for Ramadan and her University hosting a major national sport championship.