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On September 14th 2011 a panel discussion to launch the Anita White Foundation (AWF) was held at the University of Chichester.  It was attended by many people from the women and sport movement from the UK and overseas, as well as former and present students, staff and governors of the University of Chichester, academics from other universities, and members of the public.  Delegates came from as far afield as Japan, Finland, the USA and Canada. Among them were 14 people who had attended the first international conference on women and sport held in Brighton in 1994.

The Vice Chancellor of the University of Chichester, Professor Clive Behagg, opened proceedings by referring to the university’s history in supporting women’s education and pledging its support for and commitment to the AWF in the future (transcript available here). A panel of distinguished experts; Professor Jay Coakley (Honorary Fellow, University of Chichester), Professor Kari Fasting (President of Women Sport International), Raija Mattila (Co-Chair of the International Working Group on Women and Sport) and Sue Tibballs (CEO of the Women’s Sport and Fitness Foundation) discussed three main questions. Please click on each question to read more about them and the answers given:

1)      Reflecting on the significance of the Brighton Declaration, what have been the main outcomes since 1994 and what are the continued challenges?
2)      What are the current priorities for the Women and Sport movement?
3)      What can we expect from the 2012 games? To what extent will they be “gender equal”?

The Panel Chair, Elizabeth Pike then opened the discussion to questions from the floor, followed by a response presented by Professor Celia Brackenridge-follow the link for the transcript or see our Download section.

Anita White

Anita White closed proceedings by thanking all contributors and attendees and congratulating the University of Chichester for forming a unique partnership with the Women and Sport movement and establishing the AWF.  She was particularly pleased that this initiative would both celebrate the past in the Archive held on the University’s Bognor Regis campus, and also provide opportunities for the future in the fund which will enable women from developing countries to study at the University of Chichester.

She called for current students to take this work forward, to continue to make progress, and indicated that the University of Chichester has an important role to play in the future of the women and sport movement.  Anita ended the event by officially launching the Anita White Foundation.