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Seminar Series 2013

In 2013, the AWF announced a Seminar Series that would encompass research relating to topics and issues that affect women in sport. Visiting AWF Scholar Lombe Mwambwa and Dr Martin Polley presented in the first two seminars in March 2013. Visiting AWF Scholar Bárbara Schausteck de Almeida and Professor Jay Coakley presented in April 2013. All seminars were well-attended by students, staff and guests of the University of Chichester.

Lombe Mwambwa (AWF Scholar; General Secretary of NOWSPAR, Zambia)

“The Challenges and Opportunities for Women and Sport in Africa, and the Work of NOWSPAR”

Lombe is the General Secretary for the National Organisation for Women in Sport, Physical Activity and Recreation (NOWSPAR) in Zambia, with a keen interest in research, policy reforms, media, monitoring and advocacy programmes in sport.


Dr Martin Polley (Sports Historian, University of Southampton, UK)

“Women in the 1908 Olympics”

Dr Martin Polley is a sports historian, public speaker, broadcaster, and author of numerous articles and books including The British Olympics: Britain’s Olympic Heritage 1612-2012 and Sports History: a practical guide.

Bárbara Schausteck de Almeida (AWF Scholar; Brazil) and Professor Jay Coakley (Honorary Fellow, University of Chichester; USA)

“Building Brazil through Sports: Is It Worth the Cost?”

Bárbara Schausteck de Almeida is a doctoral student at the Universidade Federal do Paraná, Brasil and an AWF Scholar at the University of Chichester.  She is an expert on the political economy of the Brazilian bid to host the 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, and is on the Board of the Latin American Association for the Sociology of Sport (ALESDE).

Professor Jay Coakley (Honorary Fellow, University of Chichester; USA)

“Pushing Limits: Sport, Spectacle & Performance Enhancement”

Jay Coakley is Professor Emeritus of Sociology at the University of Colorado in Colorado Springs, Honorary Fellow of the University of Chichester, and currently works as a writer and public speaker. He is the author of numerous papers and books including the globally renowned Sports in Society: Issues and Controversies.