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From coach to senior football development leader

Lauren is the National Football Development Manager of AoC Sport – the lead representative organisation for further education and sixth form college sport and physical activity.

She is a WSLA 2014 graduate and has held a number of important positions related to coaching and in particular, football.

Lauren was keen to convey to the first-year undergraduate students that they should think about how they are different to their peers and utilise volunteering opportunities where possible.

Volunteering was a platform she had used, via coaching local teams since she was fourteen, to gain experience and qualifications.

She reflected on her participation in the Football Futures programme – a week comprised of a variety of sports science, coaching, referring, and development workshops – and how it changed her intention from being a physical education teacher to working in football.

Her volunteering and networks facilitated her successful application to a vacancy at the Somerset FA; facilitating her career progression from coach to a senior football development leader.

Lauren ended her presentation with her current responsibilities.

She leads the development of football for AoC Sport and her aim is to get more 16-19 year olds to play football more often.

This includes thinking of different opportunities so more people participate. Moreover, she influences FA Youth and is noticing how county councils are changing the way that youth is thought about and included in FA thinking and planning.