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The Archive is intended to be a permanent secure ‘home’ for the resources accumulated by leaders in the women and sport movement, which are publicly accessible for researchers and others interested in this work.

The idea of the Archive fits well with the University’s long history and tradition in the education of women physical educators and sports professionals and its strong commitment to gender equality in both teaching and research.

The approval of the International Working Group on Women and Sport (IWG) was sought for the recognition of the archive as the central repository for historical documentation about the IWG. This approval was given in May 2010.

The aim of the archive is to be the definitive resource for knowledge and understanding of the women and sport movement and has the following objectives:

  1. To continue to collect and catalogue materials documenting the Women and Sport Movement
  2. To facilitate access to and availability of the archive
  3. To collaborate with Universities and organisations which house complementary archives
  4. To develop research expertise and knowledge about the Women and Sport Movement
  5. To use the information/knowledge to inform the future development of the women and sport movement

How to access the Archive

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For entry to the archives room, please contact: Dr Jordan Matthews, Coordinator of the AWF, for an appointment. Tel: +44 1243 793506, or email: jordan.matthews@chi.ac.uk

Verification of identity and details of a sponsor, supervisor or referee will be required. Please note that some records may be closed.

Scope and content

In total, over one hundred EcopHant archival quality storage boxes are housed in the archive. Helen Betteridge was appointed as research assistant in April 2010 to sort and catalogue the documents. Janet Carter (University archivist) continues to catalogue donated materials.

The archive contains the correspondence, reference and research papers of Dr. Anita White, Professor Celia Brackenridge, Dr Gill Clarke, Professor Jennifer Hargreaves, and Professor Helen Lenskyj. Members of the IWG including Johanna Adriaanse, Dr Sue Neill, Etsuko Ogasawara, and Sally Ryan have also donated materials to the archive as has Margaret Talbot OBE (Past President of ICSSPE, and Past President of IAPESGW and EWS) and Eileen Langsley.

A substantial amount of papers and policies produced by Women In Sport (previously the UK Women’s Sport and Fitness Foundation) have been donated since 2013 to an already vast collection of documents. The University is currently developing collaborative links with other relevant professional associations and archives.

The archive also contains:

  • International publications and papers.
  • UK publications and papers.
  • The collection contains the following series:
  • Reference and research papers
  • Correspondence
  • Books, journals and magazines
  • Meetings and courses
  • International Bodies and Organisations
  • International publications and papers
  • Women and Sport Asia
  • Commonwealth Organisations
  • European Papers
  • Worldwide Organisations
  • UK Sports Organisations
  • National Government and Sport
  • Local Government and Sport
  • Advisory Organisations
  • Campaign Organisations
  • Commercial Companies and Sport
  • Leisure and Recreation Organisations
  • Research Organisations

Resources of note

Visit the online catalogue to explore the papers using the references provided below.

The complete history of the IWG (1994-2014) can be found at archive reference WS/I/1/7.

A substantial amount of material dating from 1984-2014 for Women In Sport (previously the UK Women's Sport and Fitness Foundation, and before that the UK Women’s Sport Foundation) can be located at reference WS/UK/1/1.

The origins and development throughout the 1990s of WomenSport International (WSI) can be located at reference WS/I/1/11.

Materials donated by past-Presidents of the International Association of Physical Education and Sport for Girls and Women (IAPESGW) can be found at WS/I/1/1 dating back to its formation in 1949.


Content from the archive has formed a central component of Dr Jordan Matthews’ PhD titled “A critical analysis of the origins, development, and definition of the Women and Sport Movement (W&SM)”. He analysed documents from over sixty of the boxes within the Archive but there are a number of research projects still to be completed.

The archive was also utilised for the 6th IWG World Conference on Women and Sport in Helsinki, Finland, in June 2014. An exhibition detailing the history of women and sport advances since 1994 was primarily informed by content from the archive. The exhibition was donated to the AWF by the IWG after the conference.

In February 2015, Game Mothibi (General Secretary, IWG) visited the AWF. Jordan gave Game an overview of the history of the IWG using documents and materials housed in the Archive. Game took an exceptionally keen interest in the development of not only her own organisation, but also progress made within the UK over a sustained period.

It was clear that Botswana faces many similar challenges to other countries. Game commented: “My two days in Chichester amount to a year of learning. I got to learn a lot in a very short space of time, and the advice I got out of the meeting with the AWF staff is amazing”.