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Being Lab

Dr Moitree Banerjee

At the Being Lab we are interested in the researching the two modes of living – ‘being’ and ‘doing’.

Specifically we explore the effects of mindfulness and mindfulness-based interventions, maladaptive thinking styles such as rumination and worry, barriers to being mindful and meaning of engagement in mindfulness. Research at the Being Lab has explored these topics meta-analyses, structural equation modelling and qualitative analyses.

The Being Lab has been involved with the Sussex Mindfulness Centre at the Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust.

Current projects and available participation opportunities

  • Randomised Controlled trial comparing self-help mindfulness and music interventions
  • Qualitative analysis of the change experienced by NHS staff after an 8-week mindfulness course

Some recent past projects

  • Meta-analysis exploring engagement in mindfulness-based interventions
  • Rumination and worry as barriers to engagement in mindfulness
  • Measuring physical and psychological engagement in mindfulness based interventions

Recent publications

Banerjee, M., Cavanagh, K., & Strauss, C. (2017). A Qualitative Study with Healthcare Staff Exploring the Facilitators and Barriers to Engaging in a Self-Help Mindfulness-Based Intervention. Mindfulness, 1-12.

Banerjee, M., Cavanagh, K., & Strauss, C. (2017). Barriers to Mindfulness: a Path Analytic Model Exploring the Role of Rumination and Worry in Predicting Psychological and Physical Engagement in an Online Mindfulness-Based Intervention. Mindfulness, 1-13.