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Dr Janet McCray

Dr Janet McCray - Professor of Social Care and Workforce Development
A registered nurse with a range of experience

Janet was educated at South Bank University London, University of Portsmouth, where she was awarded an MSc in Policy and Professional Studies, and at the University of Southampton where, in 2002, she was awarded a PhD in the Department of Social Work Studies.

Janet is a registered nurse (for individuals with learning difficulties) and a registered nurse tutor. She has had a wide range of practice and academic experiences, including working in health and social care, Post qualifying nurse education, post graduate medicine and has undertaken and published research in the field of interprofessional learning and practice. Janet can be contacted on

I'm a qualified supervisor, and at the moment I'm supervising six PhD students.
Dr Janet McCray
Developing our research

Janet leads the development of research in our Department of Childhood, Social Work and Social Care. Working with colleagues, she has recently developed a research strategy to ensure that active research enhances the practice of the Department and the experience of its students.

She has also been a key member of our cross-departmental teams that have secured significant external contracts for research and consultancy. These have included, in 2010, a contract with Brighton and Hove Council to develop its leadership team (value £68,000), in 2012, a care practice project with Hampshire County Council (value £30,000), for the St Richards NHS Trust, a Postgraduate Certificate in Clinical Leadership (value £47,000 and ongoing) and in 2014, with Coastal West Sussex Clinical Commissioning Group, a Postgraduate Certificate in Strategic Leadership (value £20,000). Her delivery of these consultancy projects informs, and is underpinned by, her research outputs.

A qualified supervisor, she currently supervises six PhD students.  

A published researcher

Janet has work published in a number of highly recognised journals:

  • The Journal of Integrated Care
  • The Journal of Interprofessional Care
  • British Journal of Cardiac Nursing
  • International Journal of Nursing Studies
  • British Journal of Nursing
  • Journal of Workplace Learning
  • Social Care Neurodisability 

She has also written, and contributed to, a number of books. 

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