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Thriving research culture

Psychology and Counselling

Psychology and Counselling has a thriving research culture among its staff and students and an active research institute, the POWER (People and Well-being in the Everyday Research) Centre, through which we interact with external individuals, businesses and other organisations.

Research Labs

The Department of Psychology and Counselling has an active and thriving research culture across a number of different research laboratories and various subdisciplines.

If you would like further information about any of the labs below (such as opportunities for PhD study, study participation, research collaboration, etc.), please contact the individual lab heads.

People and Well-Being in the Everday Research Centre (POWER)

Specialising in the provision of rigorous evidence-based solutions to enable people to reach their full potential.

Cognitive Ageing and Dementia Research Lab

Exploring early identification of neurodegenerative processes and how to positively influence the lives of older adults.

Child and Adolescent Socio-Emotional Development Lab

Researching emotional, cognitive and social development across childhood and adolescence.

Homelessness Studies Lab

Explore the ‘From Adversity to University’ project and find out how we support those affected by homelessness to access higher education.

Mental Health and Wellbeing Lab

We explore the effects of mindfulness and mindfulness-based interventions.

Cultural and Individual Difference in Social Cognition Lab

Our research focuses on social aspects including perception, attitudes, judgment and decision making, and relationships.

Functional Behavioural Science Laboratory

Focusing on six themes including experimental psychopathology and cognitive psychology.

Quantitative Criminology Lab

Using statistical data to understand and predict criminal behaviour and improve investigative practice.

Sexualised Violence and Abuse Research Lab

We investigate the psychological processes associated with sexualised violence and abuse, and their impact on individuals.

Children's Drawing Project

Most children love to draw, and their drawings can reveal their joys and fears. We are developing a drawing archive of how children draw people, events and topics in their lives that they feel positively and negatively about.

PhD Study

Are you facinated by people and why they behave the way they do?

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Psychology Research Degrees

Learn more about studying your PhD or MPhil with us and explore the topics we supervise.

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