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Writing for Publication

New module – starts September 2018 at University of Chichester

This short modular course will enable you to produce an in-depth analytical review of the research and literature in your specific area of practice.

The skills you develop will empower you to progress to PhD level study via our Professional Doctorate in Advanced Practice. You will use critical evaluation to review contemporary knowledge in your chosen specialist subject area, consider implications of current research, and learn how to express your ideas in such a way to develop and inform future practice.

You will develop your transferable skills of:

  • Critical examination
  • Evaluating and assessing conflicting perspectives in research
  • Conceptualising practice implications of complex knowledge and contemporary professional issues.

At the end of the modular course, you will be able to produce an in depth, analytical review of the research and literature in a specific area of professional practice. This will be in a format suitable for publication in a professional journal.

For further information, details of course cost, or to enrol, please contact: Nikki Fairchild, n.fairchild@chi.ac.uk

Developing Resilience 

3 day course

Resilience is the ability to manage change difficulties and high demands without becoming overwhelmed.

People and organisations with resilience are able to adapt to adverse situations. They recover and learn when things do not go to plan

This innovative three-day course from the University of Chichester will provide you with a firm understanding of the theoretical principles of resilience.

However, its overriding aim is to equip you with the knowledge and skills to effect change in your own practice and to make a difference in your organisation.

Find out more about our Developing Resilience course.

Advanced Critical Analysis and Decision Making

Evening course

We make countless decisions every day in both our personal and professional lives, some unconsciously, others considered at great length.

This ten-part evening course will introduce you to key concepts and theories in critical thinking, particularly focusing on the development of the critical thinking and analytical skills required by experienced professionals to make effective judgements and decisions.

This course has an emphasis on the exploration of decision making using critical analysis and using tools/methods to make decisions particularly in the context of risk, uncertainty, incomplete or contradictory information, or in the context of high-pressured or emotional situations. 

Working with Children and Young People Facing Loss and Bereavement

3 day course

This three-day course considers issues faced by children and young people who are facing the end of their life or have been bereaved.

You will explore best practice in the provision of support to children and young people who are facing the end of their lives or have been bereaved and discuss principles of working in end of life and bereavement support with children and young people.

Mentoring and Coaching Skills

3 day course

This three-day course is designed to equip staff from a variety of backgrounds with the knowledge and skills required to undertake the role of a mentor or coach in a work setting.

The introduction of initiatives in Education and Social and Healthcare work has created the need for an increasing number of experienced staff to undertake the supportive and development tasks that are implicit in the concept of mentoring and coaching.

This may entail working closely with trainee or newly qualified staff during their first year in post, or during a specific programme of study but it is equally important for skilled mentors or coaches to be available to other staff at times when a need arises.

The course will introduce a number of different models of coaching and mentoring.

You will be encouraged to reflect on your personal style and to develop a model of coaching or mentoring that you can use in your role.