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Research staff and publications

The Department hosts a range of activity in relation to collaborative research, CPD projects, PhD studentships, a new Professional Doctorate which has been built on the well-established Doctorate by Research programmes. 

Staff are professional experts in research, teaching and learning in close collaboration with organisations, teams and individuals seeking to develop good practice in the workplace. 

The Department has established contacts with private and voluntary sector organisations in health, social care, early years and statutory social work across the South East of England.

Academic staff, research related interests and publications:



Research interests

Janet McCray Professor

Resilience, organisational change, leadership and management

Kish Bhatti-Sinclair Reader

Anti-racist social work practice, child sexual exploitation, research methodologies

Chris Smethurst Head of Department

Resilience, gender and social work practice

Rob Warwick Reader

Organisational behaviour, action learning

Antonina Pereira

Nikki Fairchild Senior Lecturer

Post human and new material feminists visions of early years practitioner identity, qualitative and post-qualitative research inquiry

Tim Gully Senior Lecturer

Social work practice and early childhood

Eva Mikuska Senior Lecturer

Professionalisation of the ECEC and social policy study 
Emotional labour
​National minority rights for children

Sandra Lyndon Senior Lecturer

Early years practitioner and poverty

Marie Price Senior Lecturer

Palliative and end of life care and supervision

David Gaylard Senior Lecturer

Personalisation, austerity, social work with adults 

Andre Kurowski Senior Lecturer

Leadership, school management and transformation

Lisa Armstrong Senior Lecturer

Personalised social care and service users and carers

Jon Old Senior Lecturer

Professional practice and cognitive dissonance in social work practice

Hazel Rumsey Senior Lecturer

Social work, reflective practice, mentorship and coaching

Sam Baeza

Senior Lecturer Risk assessment, adult child abuse offenders

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