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Publications and Recordings

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The Church and Humanity: The Life and Work of George Bell, 1883–1958, edited by Andrew Chandler (Ashgate Publishing Company, 2012)

Education in Tibet: Policy and Practice since 1950, by Catriona Bass (Zed Books/Tibet Information Network, London, 1998).

Randall Davidson, A Partial Retrospective by Melanie Barber, in From Cranmer to Davidson, edited by Stephen Taylor (Boydell and Brewer, Woodbridge, 1999).

The Terrible Alternative: Christian Martyrdom in the Twentieth Century, edited by Andrew Chandler (Cassell, London, 1998) (including articles by Anthony Harvey and Roman Komaryczko).

The Moral Imperative: New Essays on the Ethics of Resistance in National Socialist Germany 1933–1945, edited by Andrew Chandler (Westview/Perseus, Boulder, Colorado, 1998).

Presences Felt: Encounters in a Lost Century, by Andrew Chandler (Darton, Longman & Todd, London, 2005).

The Spanish Inquisition, by John Edwards (Tempus, Stroud, 1999).

The Spain of the Catholic Monarchs, 1414–1520 by John Edwards (Blackwell, Oxford, 2000).

Ferdinand and Isabella (Longman, 2005)

Demanding Peace: Christian Responses to War and Violence, by Anthony Harvey (SCM Press, London, 1999).

By What Authority? The Churches and Social Concern by Anthony Harvey (SCM, London, 2001).

Church, State and Propaganda: A Political Study of Archbishop Cyril Foster Garbett, by Dianne Kirby (Hull University Press, Hull, 1999).

Religion and the Cold War Edited by Dianne Kirby (Palgrave Macmillan, London, 2003).

The Acts of the Apostles: A Commentary on Chapters I-VIII, (in Russian) by Irina Levinskaya, Fellow 1997–2005 (St. Andrews Biblical Theological College, Moscow, 1999).

The Acts of the Apostles in the Jewish Diaspora Setting by Irina Levinskaya (Logos, St Petersburg by Logos, 2000) (in Russian).

GBI Publications and Recordings

Adams Road by Irina Levinskaya (Pushkin Press, St. Petersburg, 2001).

Barer (An anti-fascist journal) Numbers 6 (2001), 99 pp. (Chief editor, Irina Levinskaya), (Russian, in St. Petersburg).

Women of the Bible: A Study Guide by Reena Christable, Mariamma John, Mercy K.J., and Aswathy John(Mayalayam, Mar Thoma Theological Seminary).

The Dignity of Women in Paul’s Letters byMercy K. John (Christava Sahitya Samuthi, Tiruvalla, 2001).

Where Vultures Feast: Shell, Human Rights and Oil in the Niger Delta by Ike Okonta and Oronto Douglas (Sierra Club Books, San Francisco, 2001).

Dedicated to Her Majesty … Music written for Russian Tsarinas in the Eighteenth Century Performedby Marina Philippova (mezzo-soprano) and Vladimir Radchenkov (piano) (Independent Music Laboratory, St. Petersburg).

Jean-Baptiste Cardon: Works for Voice and Harp, by Marina Philippova (mezzo-soprano with Irina Donskaya, harp), (Olympia, 1999).

Pushkin to the Music of his Time,by Marina Philippova, mezzo soprano (with Ivan Mikhailov, piano), (IM Lab, St. Petersburg, 1999).

Sixteen Songs for Children, Op.54 Six French Songs, Op.65 by Tchaikovsky Marina Philippova (mezzo-soprano) Dmitry Barbashin (pianoforte) (IMLab, St Petersburg).

Aleaxander Dargomyzhsky: Woman’s Love and Life Marina Philippova (mezzo soprano) and Ivan Mikhailov (piano)IMLab INLCD011, St. Petersburg, 2000.

A Musical Entertainment in Moscow. Romances, Ballads, Songs, Excerpts from Operas, Dramas and Vaudevilles by Alexey Verstovsky (1799–1862) Marina Philippova (Mezzo Soprano) and various chamber ensembles, IMLCD080, St. Petersburg, 2003.

Guiseppe Sarti: Enea nel Lazio The Orchestra of the State Hermitage Museum, Camerata St. Petersburg, The Youth Choir of St Petersburg, Conducted by Arcady Steinlucht, Marina Philippova, Marat Galiachmetov, Jana Ivanilova, Konstantin Nikitin, Bongiovanni, Italy, 2003, 2 CDs.

Petre Þuþea. Between Sacrifice and Suicide by Alexandru Popescu (Ashgate, Aldershot, 2003).

IC3: The Penguin Book of New Black Writing in Britain, edited by Courttia Newland and Kadija Sesay (Hamish Hamilton, London, 2000).

Intriguing Bachiana by Tatiana Shabalina and Anatoly Milka. Two Volumes (St. Petersburg, 2001) (Published in Russian).

Johann Sebastian Bach, by Albert Schweitzer, A New Critical Edition, edited by Tatiana Shabalina, (Moscow, 2002). (Published in Russian).

J.S. Bach’s Manuscripts: The Keys to Mysteries in His Creative Works, by Tatiana Shabalina (Russian, published in St. Petersburg).

In a Glass Darkly Seeking Vision for Public Life by Chris Sunderland (Paternoster Press, Milton Keynes, 2001).

Christianity Under the Ancien Régime 1648–1789, by  W.R. Ward (Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 1999).

The Works of John Wesley, Bicentennial Edition, Volume 24 Journals and Diaries VII (1787–1791) Edited by W.R. Ward & R Heitzenrater (Abingdon Press, Nashville, 2003).

The Protestant Evangelical Awakening by W.R. Ward (Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 2002).

Christian Socialism: Scott Holland to Tony Blair, by Alan Wilkinson (SCM Press, London, 1998).

An Anglican Companion edited by Alan Wilkinson and Christopher Cocksworth(SPCK and CHP, London, Second Edition 2001).

J S Bach, Sonatas for Violin & Keyboard, Meridian CDE84354 & CDE84420 — Ruth Waterman